12 Office Exercises To Refresh Your Tired Muscles

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So, you may want to stand and do some jumping jacks while reading this…

According to health experts, the average office worker spends a whopping 10 hours a day sitting at a computer.

Gavin Bradley, director of Active Working, advocates doing some type of office exercises throughout the day. He explains that sitting in an office for an extended period of time has several negative effects on your body:

  • Metabolism slows by as much as 90 percent after just two hours of prolonged sitting.
  • The enzymes that move the bad fat from your arteries to your muscles slow down .
  • The muscles in your lower body are turned off.
  • Good cholesterol drops 20 percent after two hours of prolonged sitting.

You have to get moving.

Breaking the habit of being sedentary for extended periods of time can be difficult. ecoNugenics has created a routine of 12 office exercises that can help you stretch out those tired and cramped muscles:


Upper Body:

  1. Overhead Triceps Stretch
  2. Shoulder Shrugs
  3. Chest Stretch
  4. Shoulder Stretch

Back and Lower Body:

  1. Leg Extensions
  2. Lower Back/Thigh Stretch
  3. Spinal Twist
  4. Arm/Back Extension
  5. Hip Stretch

Standing Stretches:

  1. Standing Thigh Stretch
  2. Standing Shoulders/Chest Stretch
  3. Doorway Stretch

When performing these or any other exercises always remember to listen to your body. Stretch to the point of comfortable limits and not to the point of pain.

Doing these office exercises throughout the day has several key benefits:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Boots metabolism
  • Gets the blood circulating
  • Relieves tension on neck, hips, knees and spine
  • Improves mental focus and clarity.

By performing simple office exercises every 20 minutes or so or even just standing for five minutes periodically, you can reverse the effects of prolonged sitting.

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