2017 Oscars Picks: Best Films, Best Fashion

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The year’s best films also have the best style.

This year’s Academy Awards are notable for many reasons, the seeming end of #OscarsSoWhite, and La La Land‘s record 14 nominations among them. The movies, though, are what truly shine. 

I’m pretty impressed with this year’s Oscar noms, so below I’ve highlighted three of my favorite films this year, and picked the awards I believe they deserve. And, of course, this is CF, so I’ve included some love for the fabulous clothes. 

“La La Land” Should Win…

La La Land was easily my favorite film of the year. Damien Chazelle directed this stylish film, starring pretty much everyone’s favorite actors, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. It was beautiful, inspiring, and poignant, especially for people who work in (or want to work in) the entertainment industry. For that reason, I would love to see this film win: 

Best Director

Damien Chazelle also directed the very intense film Whiplash, showing a wide range in his abilities, especially for a director as young as he is. In La La Land, there are so many details and subtle but effective choices that reveal Chazelle’s passion and skill. 

Best Actress: Emma Stone

If you’re anything like me, you already wanted to be Emma Stone‘s best friend. In La La Land, though, Stone proves that she’s more than just likable – she’s also mega-talented. Her audition scene brings me to tears every time, and in every scene she seamlessly fades into the character Mia. 

Best Picture

Beautiful, moving, and just so much fun, this film deserves recognition. And as a film that is about Hollywood, being an artist, being rejected, and trying again, it feels so important to me that La La Land is recognized as the best picture of the year. 

Best Cinematography

As a film geek I probably notice this more than most, but the use of the camera is unbelievably impressive in this film. The entire first song was filmed in one long take (meaning there are no cuts, or breaks, in the middle), and it is done so perfectly. Hats off, Linus Sandgren. 

A Note on the Fashion

We did a whole post on fashion from La La Land, so go there for full details. However, I will say I love Mia’s clothes. I want all of them. And Sebastian’s clothes are modern and vintage simultaneously. The clothes make the characters in this movie, and even the colors are tied to the seasons and the story. 

“Hidden Figures” Should Win…

In case you aren’t yet familiar, Hidden Figures is an important film about a story no one ever got to hear — until now. Just a year after #OscarsSoWhite, this film documents the story of African-American women working for NASA in the 1960s. This movie will probably do well at the Oscars this year, and it’s my pick to win the following awards: 

Best Adapted Screenplay: Allison Schroeder, Theodore Melfi (based upon the book by Margot Lee Shetterly) 

This is an easy one for me, partly because Allison Schroeder is the only woman across the Director/Screenplay categories. This movie was so well-scripted, which is so difficult to do. Communicating a lot of of information, and moving the story along, in a tight and effective way, is a serious skill, and Schroeder does it with ease. 

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer

I just love her, and since none of the women from this film were nominated for best lead actress, I have to give it to Spencer here. No more #OscarsSoWhite!! 

Best Picture

Maybe this is cheating, but it’s hard for me to pick just one. While La La Land is important for Hollywood, this film is important for the our country. And for that reason, I think this film also deserves Best Picture. 

A Note on the Fashion

Oh. My. Gosh. Is there anyone who doesn’t love 1960s fashion? (Probably, but I disagree) This film’s costuming and makeup, from the polished hats to the bold red lips, is uh-maz-ing. Enough said. 

“Doctor Strange” Should Win…

Quite possibly my favorite Marvel film of all time, Benedict Cumberbatch stuns as Doctor Strange, definitely a…different kind of superhero, but one I still felt I could relate to. The visual effects are most impressive to me here, so I would like to see this film win: 

Best Visual Effects

They’re kind of the whole point of the movie, and boy do they deliver. Not only are the effects awe-inspiring and mind-bending, but some, like Doctor Strange’s cape, are even funny and lovable! 

A Note on the Fashion

This is hardly a high-fashion movie, but it does have quite a lot of costuming, and it’s all fabulous. From the temple outfits’ flowy-ness to the serious superhero costume, it’s all inventive and expressive. 

What do you think? 

What are your Oscars’ Picks? Did any actresses or actors stand out to you this year? Do you have a favorite movie? Which film this year had your favorite fashion? 

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