3 Super Chic Traveling Outfits That Don't Involve Leggings

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These adorable and comfy travel looks are 100% legging-free.

Jackie O def wasn’t wearing leggings on flights, fam. Image via Elle.com

I’ve taken more than a few flights in the last couple of months, and I’ve started to notice the standard travel uniform for college-age and early-twenties women doesn’t really change no matter where you go – leggings and a cardigan, leggings and a tank top, leggings and a sweater, leggings leggings leggings. 

Trust, I’m not here to trash leggings. I love my leggings – I love wearing them to yoga, or lounging around in them on lazy Sundays. But they’re also the last thing I want to wear on a flight, for potentially-flashing-strangers reasons, for sitting-for-a-long-time reasons, for sweat reasons, and for we-can-do-much-better-style-wise reasons.

If you’re down to wear your leggings on flights because you feel great in them, great! Keep doing your thing. But for those of you looking for comfy and cute travel outfit ideas that don’t involve leggings, I did the thing for you! You’re welcome. 

Boyfriend Jeans

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I get that jeans are not the first choice for many when traveling, but hear me out. Boyfriend jeans, unlike skinny jeans, are less likely to ride up or dig, plus they look super-chic when paired with basically anything, including traveling staples like a slouchy tank and slip-on sneakers. 

My absolute favorite part about wearing jeans while traveling is that you can walk right off the flight and explore your destination without having to change once you reach your accommodations. A polished outfit of a leather jacket, boyfriend jeans, and a floral tote (like the outfit above) wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant, a concert venue, a bar, a park..wherever your wandering heart takes you.


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If you’d still like to rock the athleisure look while traveling in the summertime, consider swapping your leggings for a pair of comfy shorts, like exercise shorts or embroidered shorts. 

Even when worn with comfy tops, like a slouchy tank or oversize sweater, a cute pair of shorts can easily be elevated when paired with luxe accessories like a metallic pink tote or a pair of rose gold earrings. Alternatively, you can toughen up the look with leather birkenstocks, creating a luxe and layered athleisure vibe without the restricted feel of leggings. 

T-Shirt Dress

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If the thought of traveling in a skirt or a dress sends you into a three-alarm panic, consider a midi-length t-shirt dress. The length of the dress will prevent most wardrobe malfunctions, while the soft material and slouchy fit will ensure maximum comfort on even the longest of flights. 

When worn with tough-girl pieces like a flannel tied around the waist (helpful on those extremely cold flights, trust), sneakers, a snapback, and a choker, you get an cool, model-off-duty look that doesn’t forfeit function for form. 

What do you think? 

Are you and your leggings ride-or-die when you travel? Would you wear any of these looks? What are your tips for dressing while traveling? Let me know in the comments below!

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