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5 Daring Elements We All Can Steal from Cardi B's Style

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Here’s our pick of Cardi B’s most relatable styles and outfit choices. You’d be surprised at what you can borrow from her look!

It’s undeniable, Cardi B is the Queen of the female hip-hop scene right now, with a killer fashion sense to go with her chart-topping music. An exuberant personality like hers only matches with extravagant outfits, but the opposite isn’t necessarily true! You are who you are, but you can always get out of your comfort zone and spice your closet up with some extra details — and Cardi is the perfect inspiration for this! 

Here are 5 elements to copy from Cardi B’s style to turn heads, no matter your personal aesthetic.

Artsy Nails

Featuring glitter, neon colors, or a mix of both, Cardi B’s nails surely attract a lot of attention. If you scroll through her Instagram feed, you’ll see plenty of pics and videos of her showing off her latest manicures — and they’re always mesmerizing! 

If the cone-shaped nails are still a little too much for you, start off with a flashing, colorful DIY marbled design; my advice: wear it with an all-black outfit, and I promise your nails will both stand out and give you a glamorous look.

Pastel Suits

Always ahead of her time, Cardi B has been rocking statement suits for a while now, way before the trend was slated to be among the biggest of 2019. 

But have you looked at the colors of those suits? Mint green, light blue, and lavender are only some of the pastel colors Cardi has sported so far, and they’re absolutely adorable. If you’re tired of all-black, boring suits, pastels are the right way to confidently walk into Spring and bloom like a flower.

Statement Earrings

Two decades ago, hip hop videos made huge hoop earrings into a ’90s fashion trend. Now Cardi has taken up the challenge and loves to use extra-big and extra-fancy earrings to add a dash of luxury and charm to her outfits. For instance, a simple grey tracksuit becomes a red carpet-worthy outfit when Cardi adds the right statement earrings. 

Take a tip from Cardi and remember that accessories make the difference — so don’t be scared of daring too much! Whether they’re round, square, or even 3D, use your earrings to dazzle everyone around you.

Fancy Blazers 

Blazers are the key to a successful business-casual outfit, but who said you can’t wear them on your friends night out? Cardi B teaches us that a fancy — and maybe a little bit extravagant — blazer can really make your outfit for the night! For maximum effect, go bold: think vivid colors, sequins, or a creative shape. Et voil√†, your Friday night look is ready to make you shine. 

Over-The-Knee Boots 

Skintight or mildly loose, over-the-knee boots are the answer to your daily winter shoe choice drama. And Cardi shows us that you can rock them anywhere and everywhere, depending on your mood and what you’re doing. Feeling colorful on the weekend? Go with some red vinyl boots and a black mini dress. Feel like wearing heels to school? No problem, a pair of gray suede over-the-knee boots with skinny jeans and a sweater, and you’re all set!

Feel like a pop star yet? 

Get creative and show what styles you’ve come up with starting from Cardi’s trends – I’m sure that Cardi will “like it like that!” (Sorry, I had to.)

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