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5 Quick, Free Workouts You Can Do At Home

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Because who needs the campus gym?

We are now well into the holiday season, and that means junk food galore, busy schedules, and becoming intimately acquainted with the snooze button. It’s the time of year when we all put our health on the back-burner a little bit, because we just don’t have the time or money for exercise.

However, coming right after the holidays is the time of year when everyone starts to really think about prioritizing wellness, and how to do it even better (or at all) next year. 

If you, like me, are a tiny bit lazy, a little bit broke, and in desperate need of re-prioritizing your wellness and exercise habits in the new year, then keep reading. 

The good news is that there are plenty of resources available for people who want to get fit without breaking the bank or even leaving your bedroom (!!). Most of these exercises are equipment-free or require only a little equipment, and can be found completely free online or through streaming services you might already have. 

Let’s get fit! 

YouTube: Yoga with Adriene

This is my favorite yoga channel on YouTube. Adriene has been making videos for years, so her back catalog is extensive and handily organized with playlists. She even makes playlists customized for each month, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about what you want to do — just do the next video on the list!

 I’m really enjoying her 10-Minute Yoga for Self-Care routine (above) right now. It’s short and simple, and really easy to do right before bed or when I first wake up just to really stretch everything out. 

It also works great as a cool down after some more intense cardio, like some of the videos on this list. 

The best part? Sometimes her dog is in her videos with her. 

YouTube: Adam Rosante

Adam’s videos are more cardio-focused, with HIIT (high intensity interval training) but come in shorter bursts so you can squeeze it in whenever, or mix and match with other videos. 

My favorite right now is his 7-Minute Cardio Fat Burning Workout, which is quick and dirty. It doesn’t come with a cool down, but many of Adriene’s videos would be a perfect match for stretching out the body after going hard. 

He doesn’t have any new videos (sad!), but there are still plenty of older videos in a variety of options so you can find what works for you

YouTube: Blogilates

If noise is a concern for you in your apartment/home/dorm room, then I would highly recommend Blogilates’ Silent Death Cardio video.

Specifically designed to give you a high-intensity cardio video without any jumping or running, it’s perfect for not waking up roommates or the cranky neighbor downstairs. 

Her instructions are pretty straightforward and the music is high-energy and positive, so her videos are a great way to start your day — or turn it around after a long day of classes and work. 

YouTube: Fitness Marshall

If traditional workouts aren’t your thing, then I suggest trying some dance tutorial videos as your workout. My current fave is the Fitness Marshall, which uses current pop music as the backdrop for high-energy, music-fueled dance videos

Since the videos run the length of one song, these are also quick and easy ways to get your heart rate up, and give you some new moves along the way. They also have a playlist, updated regularly, with a selection of a few songs, to get a full workout. 

There are also options for getting more engaged with the workouts, like getting dance tutorials and more information by subscribing to their newsletter. 

One of my favorite songs right now is “Without Me” by Halsey, and Fitness Marshall has a video for that (above)! 

Amazon Prime: Erica Vetra

Going up slightly in the cost tier, Amazon Prime has a lot of workout options for people who are subscribers (and students get a discount on Prime!). 

My favorites are the videos by Erica Vetra, in her Weight Loss Yoga Workout series. There are a few different videos, at varying stages of skill and familiarity with yoga poses, but they’re all guaranteed to give you a great workout. Like, sore-for-the-next week-great workout.

The run time is a little long, with most videos over an hour long, so sometimes I’ll watch half and then skip to the cool down, but I highly recommend these if you’re trying to work on flexibility, weight loss, breathing, or toning without bulking. 

The options are endless…

Finding ways to get in shape and stay fit doesn’t have to be expensive or even time-consuming. There are plenty of options online, and I’ve only just scratched the surface. Feel free to explore and find what works for you, and then share with us

What do you like to do for exercise? Do you have any secrets for wellness on the cheap? Let us know! 

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