8 Cute Pairs of Snow Boots to Get You Through Winter

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You’ll never get cold feet again.

Unless your home state is unreasonably warm, you probably know the struggle that is walking across campus in a tremendous amount of snow. The cold that makes a college student rethink even leaving their dorm

For the longest time, I was resistant to the idea of wearing snow boots. I wanted to look super put-together with my leather ballet flats or sneakers. However, when I got to college, I knew I had to get serious. Snow in your shoes is seriously no fun-and seriously cold! 

If you think you will see more than a few snowflakes on campus this winter, I highly advise you to invest in a pair of snow boots. You’ll be warmer, happier, and more open to the idea of trekking to your class in 10 degree weather.

I had the idea for the longest time that snow boots were as ugly as they were functional. However, I’m here to tell you that you can find cute (and warm) snow boots. To aid you in your search, I’ve compiled a list of the 8 cutest pairs of snow boots to (hopefully!) help you make it through winter on campus.  

1. The Classic Pair

L.L. Bean Classic Bean Boot
Shearling-Lined 10″ L.L. Bean Boot

I have owned the classic Bean Boot for about two years now, and I am absolutely in love. They are perfect for Denver winters, and I never find my feet getting cold. (I have the unlined version.)

However, if you need to step up your cold-weather game, L.L. Bean offers lots of warmer options, including the pair of shearling boots shown above. 

2. The Heavy-Duty Pair

Sorel Caribou Boot

When it comes to serious high country snow, Sorel is my go-to brand. Though they are really heavy duty, they are pretty cute (in a mountain-y kind of way). They are also super durable…you will never worry about ruining them!

3. The Ugg Boot (because you kinda miss your old pair)

Naiyah Genuine Shearling Lace Back Bootie

I know the Ugg boot had its moment in the early 2000s, but I seriously want them to come back. Say what you want about their looks, but they’re so comfortable! Reintroduce the cult brand back into your wardrobe with these adorable fur-lined boots. They even lace up in the back…so cute!

4. The Pair Suited for Lots of Slush

Hunter Original High Gloss Boot
Original Tall Cable Knit Cuff Welly Boot Socks

I’ll be the first to admit it: though Hunter boots are super stylish, they do not do well on ice. Word of caution: wear these on an icy day, and you will be slipping and sliding all over the place!

Reserve these adorably cute boots for days with lots of slush – and, for extra warmth, add a pair of thick knit socks. They allow you to wear rain boots even in the coldest weather!

5. The Trendy Pair

Empire Hi Bootie

You’ll be the coolest girl on campus (and the warmest) in these water-resistant boots. Bonus: Nobody will be able to tell you’re even wearing snow boots. 

6. The Buckled Pair

Shearwater Buckle Boots

Love, love this updated take on the classic bean boot. The buckle accent, gold detailing, and fur-lined inside are the perfect additions to this winter favorite. BRB while I buy these. 

7. The Lace-Up Pair

Totes Mona II Lace Back Winter Boots

Part riding boot, part snow boot. Love the lace-up detailing on the back – and the seriously affordable price!

8. The Quilted Pair

Bethany Waterproof Winter Boots

Um, quilted snow boots…need I say more? 

These snow boots would go with any outfit…and put a preppy spin on any look! 


What is your go-to pair of winter boots? When it comes to the cold, do you prefer function over fashion? Comment down below!

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