Do You Really Need All These Apps?

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There are millions of apps available for download just for iOS alone. All of them are supposed to make your life easier, more convenient, more fun – but do they really? Or, at least, do we really need all the apps that an average modern person has installed? Here are some telltale signs that may give an insight on how you can declutter your phone and, by extension, your life.

1. Check How Much Energy and Space It Uses

Even the most inconspicuous apps sometimes turn out to be eating up your phone’s battery and free space like crazy. If you feel that their usefulness doesn’t justify these excesses, feel free to remove them immediately. iPhones don’t boast holding a charge for a long time as they are, and every app that drains energy forces you to recharge them more and more often.

2. You Haven’t Used This App in a Month

If you haven’t opened the app in question a single time within a month, chances are you won’t do it ever again. And even if you will, this fact shows that you can just as well do without it. If you want to see the list of essential apps that can actually improve your life without eating up your time and money, you may find it at this website – it will save you quite a lot of time and effort you’d otherwise waste scoring the AppStore for useful apps.

3. It Is More Fuss than It Is Worth

By definition, apps are supposed to make our life more convenient, save our time, make certain tasks easier and in general increase our efficiency. However, quite often what we get as a result is quite different from what is advertised. Many apps tend to use up more of our time and effort than they save, which is especially funny in case of time-tracking and efficiency apps that are supposed to force us use time more responsibly. If you feel that an app demands too much of your attention without providing visible returns for it, it may be better to get rid of it.

4. Apps That Waste Your Time

There are apps that waste your time inadvertently, due to poor design or your own addiction to efficiency tracking. And there are apps that are created for the specific purpose of wasting your time, distracting you and turning using them on a regular basis into habits. All these little games, puzzles, social media apps and suchlike don’t do you any good – they just leech out your time and attention, not to mention battery charge and free space.

5. Apps That Duplicate Each Other

Sometimes you download a whole lot of similar apps to see which one you will like best, but then cannot settle upon any one of them. As a result, you have a number of apps you either don’t use at all or use sparingly, sitting uselessly on your phone. So look closely at all the apps you have installed and check if some of them have the same features, or are used for similar purposes. If you find those, decide here and now which ones you are going to use and which ones go to the dustbin.

Deciding whether you need an app or don’t may be tricky – sometimes an app should sit on your phone for quite a while for you to understand whether you are going to use it or not. But when it comes to decluttering your phone and your life, less is usually better than more – so if you are not sure, better delete the app in question and be through with it.

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