Hautelinks: 2019 Beauty Launches, What You Missed from the Golden Globes, Millennials & Burnout, & More

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Here’s what you need to read, right this minute.

The Golden Globes were this past weekend. Here are some moments you might have missed from the broadcast.

And here are the best dressed stars from the show, according to ELLE.

Finally, a big hooray to Sandra Oh for her historic win!

RottenTomatoes lists the 65 most anticipated movies of 2019. Get excited!

And here’s a long list of books, movies, TV shows, and more to get hyped for in 2019.

Also TV-related, here’s what we know so far about Netflix original series in 2019.

Long and frankly depressing but SO eye-opening and worth the read: How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation, via Buzzfeed. I feel like all of us can 100% relate.

TV host Kelly Ripa shares how she gets everything done with The Cut. 

Refinery29 got ahold of the new Fenty Beauty concealers and has a full rundown on them. Want!

Oprah Winfrey’s 5 rules to a better life, via Vogue. <3

40 things you can do to make your 2019 happier & healthier, from The Everygirl.

California’s so-called #MeToo law is going into effect and honestly this should be the law everywhere. Very cool.

What I Learned When I Gave Up Fast Fashion, via The Cut. This is seriously SO hard to do but so worthwhile!

ELLEUK narrowed down the spring 2019 fashion trends into a list of their top 7. Get excited, spring will be here before you know it!

This year’s Coachella lineup has been announced and it’s amazing! My sister is going and I couldn’t be more jealous.

Very sad news: Famous British designer Joe Casely-Hayford passed away at age 62 this week.

These are the trends Lauren Conrad’s excited to try in 2019; what are yours?

Here’s a list of Ulta’s 2019 Birthday gifts.

And here are the Sephora birthday gifts to expect in 2019.

If you have makeup that’s gone unused and unopened, here’s where you can donate it instead of just throwing it away.

13 Beauty Brands You Might Not Have Known Were Vegan. Some of the BEST brands are vegan, very cool!

Aw, this is sweet: Miley Cyrus repeated a special detail from her parents’ wedding at her own.

11 Reasons to Be Excited About the Year in Fashion. Yes!

CNN did a piece on “placebo buttons” aka those traffic buttons that don’t actually work and it’s fascinating and frustrating. 

It’s that time of year again! Spring 2019 fashion ad campaigns are out!

Beyonce released photos of the gown she wore renewing her vows with Jay-Z and OBVIOUSLY it’s epic.

Cuuute: Innisfree is launching a Toy Story-themed makeup and skincare collection.

Emma Watson reflected on the #TimesUp movement, “it’s only the beginning.” Amen.

Innnteresting: Neutrogena is launching personalized, 3d-printed face masks.

According to Byrdie, the average woman is no longer a size 14. Your move, fashion houses.

Here are the new makeup launches to get excited about this month, via Allure.

Vogue lists some of the best hydrating serums for dry skin.

The New York Times did a long piece explaining the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing *controversy* and why it backfired so spectacularly. Love her so much!

LOL: Meghan Markle apparently threw a “sayonara Zara” party when she became a star.

Here’s how to break out of a makeup rut, according to Vogue.

And if you’re looking for a full new look, here are some movie makeovers to inspire you.

OMG, apparently Phil of the Future is hot now and wants to “tear down the patriarchy.”

This new YSL plumping lip product has a cute little black heart in the middle and I feel like that 100% justifies the purchase.

Refinery29 has some book recommendations for a chilly January indoors.

Also from Refinery, the drugstore hair product launches you need to know about.

And finally… 20 puppies with the best smiles on the internet.

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