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Hautelinks: Rihanna's New Fashion Venture, Getting Ultra-Organized in 2019, & More

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Here are the many things we loved on the internet this week.

Sephora will now let you use multiple promo codes on your order.

Lauren Conrad has some ways to get ultra organized in 2019.

And check out these self-care apps to help you meet your goals.

The “Fenty effect” is coming to skincare and it’s about time!

Speaking of Fenty, Rihanna and LVMH are teaming up for a luxury fashion line.

And here’s how Rihanna became one of the most influential people in fashion.

Yummm, totally making these Levain bakery copycat cookies.

A new name is set to head up Lanvin — there isn’t much in the way of details about him but we’re excited to see what he does!

Apparently this Rent the Runway coat is unnerving men everywhere.

Kate Spade fans, here’s your first look at the brand’s newest collection.

Here are the buzziest new jewelry brands on Instagram that you need to know about.

In case you didn’t know, the government shutdown is having a major effect on food safety… be careful!

The Big Issues Facing Fashion in 2019, via Forbes.

Omg, yes: Patrick Starrr Did a Spot-On Makeup Transformation Into Instagram’s “World Record Egg”.

Starting a side hustle in 2019? Here’s what you need to know.

Here are the hottest Gen-Z celebrities to know, according to Refinery29.

How to build a capsule wardrobe, one month at a time (checklist included!), via Lauren Conrad.

Football helmets, so hot right now: Paris Fashion Week says that football helmets are the new trend of 2019.

Maybelline is collaborating with Puma and we’re so excited! So cool to see unexpected crossovers like this.

Here are some edgy beauty trends from Tokyo to inspire your look.

Offset Walks the Runway at Off-White in Paris, Bumps Up His Fashion Swag Yet Again, via Vogue.

Here’s the Real Reason Karl Lagerfeld Was Missing From Chanel’s Fashion Show, via E!

Enjoyed this interesting TED talk on fashion and self-expression.

Here are some vegan beauty brands you need to know about.

And here are some non-toxic nail polish brands to love.

The CFDA has doubled down on sustainable fashion. Yes!

This is ridiculous: Bebe Rexha says designers won’t dress her because she’s a size 8. We make so much progress but things like this keep happening — proof there’s still a long way to go.

If you need some binge-watching inspo, here are the best fashion series of all time.

Christina Aguilera is launching a budget hair tool line — excited to see!

Kamala Harris just announced that she will be running for president in 2020.

Roma is cleaning up at awards ceremonies ahead of the Oscars. I haven’t had time to watch it yet but I’m dying to — have you guys seen it?

And here’s the full list of the 2019 Oscar nominees.

From Refinery29, “Yes, I’m a late riser. Stop making me feel guilty about it.” Everyone has different biological clocks and we should respect that.

19 Ways to Wear Neon Without Looking Like You’re Stuck in the ’80s, via InStyle.

Supergirl has dropped a picture of Nicole Maines as TV’s first trans superhero. So cool!

Obsessed with Louis Vuitton’s new glow in the dark bags

Create a ’00s playlist and we’ll reveal which artist will sign you. I got Shakira — I’ll take it!

Marie Claire has some ideas for what you should wear to upcoming Super Bowl parties.

Pregnant on the catwalk? Why not?

And finally… cows are the cutest! <3

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