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Hautelinks: The End of Rookie, Is Beauty's Pace Sustainable?, Priyanka & Nick's Wedding, & More

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Here’s what Team CF read this week.

Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” video is out and it is absolutely everything we dreamed it’d be. The Kris Jenner cameo in particular is EPIC.

Tavi Gevinson announced in a six page letter that Rookie Mag is folding. It’s hard to articulate how sad this makes me and how much I relate to the things she talks about re: making a website financially sustainable without selling out. Online media is not in a good place and Tavi explains it so well. You’ll be missed, Rookie.

The New Yorker did a long piece on Rookie’s legacy and what it meant to so many girls.

These are OPI’s most popular colors of 2018, in case you need a little inspiration for your next manicure appointment.

This is awesome! Chanel will no longer use exotic skins and fur. Hoping this inspires other fashion companies to follow suit.

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married and Allure has the gorgeous photos!

Temptalia asks: Can we sustain the pace of beauty today? Completely agree with this, the release pace seems out of hand and there really aren’t any releases that are *earth shattering* anymore.

Of course Taco Bell has a holiday clothing line and of course it’s awesomely tacky.

Wow, this was an eye-opener: Almost 80% of the textbook market is dominated by 5 companies that make textbooks so expensive.

Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle supposedly had a *secret meeting* in London. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall…

Sophia Amorouso did an interview with PSFK on her new Girlboss community and everything she has planned for it!

Here’s what a video game Youtuber does all day, in case you were wondering.

Oooh, excited for Roald Dahl characters to be adapted to Netflix! All of his stories bring back such good childhood memories.

These are the fashion-forward couples who dominated 2018, according to Vogue.

You’ll soon be able to buy lipstick at Zara and we aren’t mad about it.

Geri from Because I’m Addicted explains how she cut her screen time in half recently.

Etsy’s 2019 trend predictions are here!

Psychologists explain your “phone anxiety.” I used to have this so badly but now it’s no big deal; I swear I just grew out of it!

Bill Gates shares his favorite books of 2018.

Speaking of fashionable couples, these are the best wedding moments to ever grace the pages of Vogue. Still love that Kimye photo — iconic!

Andy Murray went off about a female soccer player being asked to “twerk.” Seriously, WTFFFFF.

Loved this piece from Longreads on when the 1990s *actually* ended.

Refinery29 lists their favorite beauty buys from Target.

Remodelista shares some European-inspired Christmas decorations.

Quiz time! Build your perfect pizza and we’ll tell you which Ariana from the “Thank U, Next” video you are.

One more: Make a six song playlist and we’ll tell you what you should ask for for xmas.

What to Wear to the Office Holiday Party, according to Marie Claire.

Harvard scientists think this object might be an alien spacecraft and the whole thing is just captivating!

Apple announced their “best of 2018” list across apps, podcasts, and more.

Every type of bangs, explained. For those who are thinking of switching up their hairstyle in the new year.

And finally.. good boy!

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