Hautelinks: Week of 1/26/17

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We’ve got spooky Disney urban legends, closet organization tips, the most creative signs from the Women’s March, and more.

This Buzzfeed quiz is eerily accurate: Build An Outfit And We’ll Reveal A Truth About You.

Fashion and function come together with these warm winter coats that cost less than $100 each.

If you aren’t following them now, get to it. Here are the 20 Most Influential Personal Style Bloggers, according to Fashionista.

Which trends are “in” and “out” in 2017? ELLE gives us all the deets.

Refinery 29 breaks down the makeup trends we’ll be seeing everywhere this year.

And we’ve got a roundup of the hottest nail trends, too. Loving the gradient nail art!

The experts at Allure tell us all about 50 new drugstore beauty products they’re obsessing over.

From Dorothy to Princess Leia, Harper’s Bazaar has a list of the most iconic movie hairstyles.

The New York Times has a wonderful piece on Marlo Thomas, chronicling her revolutionary late ’60s TV show, That Girl, and her recent venture into the fashion world.

ICYMI: Scarlett Johansson summed up why Planned Parenthood is so important in a wonderful speech at the Women’s March, via Hello Giggles.

And here’s Why 10 Fashion Designers Joined the Women’s March.

Most of what we saw from last week’s Women’s March were huge crowds in big cities. In a Canadian fishing village, a group of 15 people came together for a march that was tiny in size but big in heart.

Glamour rounds up 45 of the Most Brilliant, Creative, and Savage Protest Signs From the Women’s March on Washington.

The Office intro recut with Trump cabinet members is the parody we could all use right about now.

In movie news, we now know the title of the next Star Wars film.

Awards show season is in full swing — check out all the People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet arrivals.

The Oscar nominations were announced this week… did your favorites get a nom?

Prepare to swoon. The 12 Sweetest Valentine’s Day Dates of All Time, via Cosmo.

Starbucks released a collection of mugs, tumblers and other goodies in honor of Valentine’s Day, and we kind of want… all of it, tbh.

Time for some fashion eye candy. ELLE brings us The Dreamiest Gowns from Spring Couture Week.

OMG. Disney released an official video of all the Pixar Easter eggs, and it’s amazing.

If you still quote (and miss!) Parks and Rec on the daily like I do, you’ll appreciate this Buzzfeed post.

The Huntington Post shares 5 Small Changes For Successful ‘Adulting.’

4 Tips for Communicating Well in Nerve-Wracking Situations. (Hello, presentations and interviews.)

The Super Bowl is coming up, and whether you’re a fan or just there for the food and the parties, CBS Sports did a breakdown of the universities each player attended. Did your school make the list?

Ready to drop everything and see the world? Here’s how three Insta-famous traveling couples actually afford it.

And if you’re still searching for that dream itinerary, R29 gives us 15 Unforgettable Trips to Plan in 2017.

It’s a question that’s haunted us for years: why did Steve leave Blues Clues? HuffPo has the answer from the man himself.

Good news redheads: a redheaded emoji may be in the works! (Seriously, why don’t they have one yet?!)

Whether you have a tiny dorm room closet or a spacious walk-in, Apartment Therapy has you covered with ways to organize your space.

Because we could all use a few more ZZZs: How to get a better night’s sleep, from The Atlantic.

If you’re still having trouble sleeping, here is a list of workouts from Byrdie that will help you stay healthy and sleep better.

MAC’s New Rainbow Lipsticks Are the Stuff of Fairytales. We’ll take one of each, thanks.

How Alicia Keys Defines Beauty Is Not How You’d Think, from Allure.

Don’t read this late at night: 17 Disney Park Conspiracy Theories That’ll Scare The Hell Out Of You.

Okay, one more spooky list. PopSugar tells us all about the most haunted hotels in America. Have you visited any of them?

These felines look miiiiighty suspicious over this food. (And for good reason!)

LOL. 22 Animals and Objects That Should Be Asked, ‘What Highlighter Are You Wearing?’ Seriously, though, that seal is slaying.

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