Hautelinks: Week of 2/16/17

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This week we have an open letter to Beyonce, a love letter pancakes recipe, the best shoes from NYFW and tons more!

Well + Good says staying in is the new going out. Cool with us!

Why don’t we really dress up anymore?, asks Refinery29. We’ve been saying this for so long!

Cupcakes and Cashmere has some podcast recommendations for you.

What is with all these celebs having twins? Amal Clooney is pregnant too!

12 Fashion Week Trends That Aren’t Intimidating.

Buzzfeed has some Leslie Knope quotes to chant in the mirror when the patriarchy has you down. Too great.

Love this roundup of adorable feminist gifts from Buzzfeed.

Also <3 J.Crew’s new party dress line.

In honor of the month of love, here is a roundup of underrated romantic movies for you to stream on Netflix, via PopSugar.

An Open Letter to Beyonce After the Grammy’s, via PopSugar. <3 <3

ELLE rounds up the buzziest Grammy looks, in case you missed those.

Also from ELLE, the best shoes from NYFW. WANT THEM ALL.


Christian Siriano did an amazing body-positive NYFW show and we are all here for it.

Speaking of love, how cute are these love letter pancakes from Lauren Conrad?

Also from LC, a sourdough pancakes recipe. MMM.

Tom Lenk’s Instagram fashion parodies make us so happy.

A bookstore the size of a supermarket. Yes.

Aaaah, a Love, Actually reunion is happening! I love this movie and I don’t care who knows it.

YESSS: The Blair Waldorf Aesthetic is Officially Making a Comeback. As if it ever went anywhere.

Sad or… possibly good(?) news: Only men benefit financially from going to big name colleges.

Tips for Getting the Best Discount Candy After Valentine’s Day. You’re welcome.

Rumor has it Tavi Gevinson is writing a book

Into the Gloss shows you how to make your own bath bombs at home.

Ooooh, Etsy Studio is totally going to get us to DIY more often. What a cool idea!

Also learning-related: Pixar is offering free online lessons in storytelling.

And, the director of Lego Batman shows you how to make a stop-motion brick movie of your very own. I want to try this…

HelloGiggles has the entire opening number to Beauty and the Beast. Getting SO HYPED for this movie!

Also from HelloGiggles, a guide to what to look for in a significant other, based on their zodiac sign.

Eating these foods could make you happier. We’re in!

Starbucks is finally going to have an AMAZING vegan breakfast option – so stoked.

Ooh, there might be more Archie Comics shows coming soon.

The best airports in the world, according to flight attendants. Heathrow is my pick but now I have some more I want to visit!

Whaaat? I Stopped Using Makeup and Washing My Hair and I’ve Never Felt Better. I think this those are the closest things to meditation I have so… it might lead to a breakdown.

This heart braid is too cute.

A Beautiful Mess shows you how to make a choker tee shirt. Cute.

Mmmm, the most Dole-licious looking pineapple based dessert.

And finally, I love the idea of making kitty food puzzles for your feline bestie.

One more: This daddy/daughter dance class made my heart so full!

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