Monthly Favorites and Wishlist: January 2017

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This January, it’s all about new trends.

Welcome! First and foremost, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. I’m beyond excited to begin sharing with you all my favorite items (and wishes!) for the next few months.

As we move further into the new year, it’s become clear to me that 2017 is all about trying new things, experimenting with new trends and making an effort to stand out– in style! 

So keep on reading to find out everything that I’ve been loving, and wishing for, this January. Here we go!


1. Rose Sweater

Roses- everywhere.

Product: Rose Embroidered Sweatshirt – Forever 21 

Truth be told, I was never a huge lover of floral prints, but over the last year, flowersroses in particulargrew on me. And this month, my love for roses grew even more once I spotted this sweater.

It’s not covered in roses, but I think prints make a greater impact when there’s some kind of negative space. This embroidered sweater is definitely my favorite piece right now, and roses just so happen to be my fave trending pattern, so it’s a win-win.

2. Faux Fur Coat

Warmth and Style!

Product: White Faux Fur Coat – Make Me Chic   

When I get dressed, I always try to maintain a casual look, but I still want to express my style and stand out. 

That’s why this coat fits my style to a “T”—it’s functional and stylish. It’s kept me warm throughout the cold weather, and I can see myself wearing it for a long time. After all, the faux fur ‘trend’ never seems to go out of style!

3. Flared Overalls

Denim wins once again!

Product: Flared Denim Overalls – H&M

No matter what I’m doing, overalls are usually one of my go-to pieces. I like this pair in particular because the flared ends give them a cool ’70s vibe. (Another favorite trend of mine!)

Since I’ve been on break, I haven’t been that busy, so overalls are an easy, comfy way to look put-together when you really just can’t figure out what to wear. Just add a top and you have an instant outfit.

4. Grid Pants

Making a statement with patterns.

Product: Grid Print Cropped Pants – ASOS

Staying comfortable is important to me, and these pants are simple yet make a statement. They’re more than just your regular trousers, and the unique graphic print speaks for itself.


1. Smart Watch

Fossil’s new smart watch.

Product: “Wander” Leather Strap Digital Smart Watch – Fossil

I love new technology, and after seeing how chic and modern this smart watch is, I’ve made it my mission to get my handsor wrists, to be more specific—on it.

It has all the sophistication of a watch, with all the added features of modern technology. Definitely a must-have if you like mixing fashion with function. 

2. Frayed Denim

Denim is cozy and chic!

Product: Frayed Mid-Rise Jeans – Forever 21

Denim is seriously having a major moment in the fashion world. Personally, I love items with an unexpected twist, like the frayed detailing on these jeans.

Jeans are so reliable and can elevate even the simplest look. And with a standout pair like these, you’ll really take your outfits to the next level.

3. Kate Spade Initial Necklace

Very Carrie Bradshaw-inspired.

Product: Initial Pendant Necklace –  Kate Spade

I love all things Kate Spade, and I also love anything that can be personalized with my initials. This necklace combines the two in a dainty piece you can wear every single day. I will continue to dream about this necklace for as long as I can.

What do you think?

Is there anything else that you’ve been loving in January? Are these any of your faves, too? What’s on your wish list? Let me know in the comments, I would love to know! 

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