Trend Report: Accessorial Nail Polish

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Nail polish has officially become part of your outfit.

Kris Atomic

If you thought 2016 was a crazy year for beauty and fashion trends (rainbow highlighter? Whaat?), just wait to see what’s in store for 2017. Today, I want to (re)introduce one of my favorite up-and-coming trends: matching your nail polish to your outfits.

Over the past few seasons, fashion has been drawing heavily from old material. (If in doubt, just think about the ’90s mania sweeping department stores.) Therefore, it makes total sense that something as seemingly mundane and traditional as coordinating nail polish colors and clothes would be deemed “in” for 2017.

Unsure about the coordinated nail polish trend? Keep reading to see four fabulous outfit sets that showcase the look—and the matching nail polishes that keep them on point.

Roguish Red

We all know that red is a sexy color—probably the sexiest color that’s ever been introduced in the Pantone color wheel. It’s a color that’s been associated with passion and physical attractiveness for centuries now, and its positive effects on the human brain are, honestly, riveting. 

But wearing red (nail polish) on red? Even hotter.

For a look that’s slightly seductive without being too steamy for your grandma’s house, limit the actual red in your wardrobe to just one piece (in our example, we focused on some high-heeled booties). In fact, if you can, try alternating between black and white for your outfit colors; this way, your red nail polish can really shine through, and you end up looking classy as anything on a night out. For best results, stick to a high-end polish (like Chanel) that’s high on the glam factor and durability test. You won’t regret it!

Products: Blouse – Simply Soles | Pant – Dezzal | Boots – Amazon | Sweater – Superdry | Necklace – Nordstrom | Nail Polish – Chanel

Trendy Tan

Okay, so you’ve figured out long ago that red is just too extreme for you. Or that it stains too easily whenever and wherever you apply it (in which case, you’re preaching to the choir, sister). Well, you know what goes well with nearly everything, and is considerably less difficult to apply than red polish?

Tan nail polish.

To best showcase the practicality and flexibility of a tan nail polish color, go ahead and wear out those comfy mom jeans that are trending so hard right now. Heck, add on a lightly detailed gray sweater and tan/beige loafers to really make the look pop. Tie it all together with a cat lover’s handbag, and you’re all set to take on the world. Carpe diem, girls!

Products: Sweater – H&M | Jean – H&M | Bag – Betsey Johnson | Loafers – Mango | Nail Polish – Essie

Bewitching Blue

Count on blue to cheer you up!

If wearing red has been linked to confidence boosts, then wearing blue can be associated with creative inspiration and a calm demeanor. (No, really—check it out here.) Regardless, blue shades look great on nearly everyone, and it’s a popular color that’s likely to never go out of style.

For this very reason, wearing a bright blue nail polish needn’t be as dramatic as picking out a tantalizing red color for your toes. To get the most out of the blue polish trend, stick to softer cool tones in your outfit (like our light blue sweater and grey-toned choker necklace) that contrast greatly with the actual color of your fingernails. Not only will you look put-together and professional, but you’ll avoid being too matchy-matchy with your polish and outfit colors. Neat trick, huh?

Products: Sweater – Pure Collection* | Skirt – Joe Fresh | Tight – ASOS | Choker – Humble Chic | Shoe – Groupon | Nail Polish – NARS

(*A bit pricey, but cashmere is always worth it!)

Classy Pink

And last, but certainly not least, on our list is classic, classy pink!

Kardashian fans will be thrilled to see that this particular shade of nail polish is amongst the K clan’s favorite manicure picks. Non-Kardashian fans will be happy to note that pink nail polish looks phenomenal on anyone anyways. (And that’s definitely something to celebrate!)

Whatever your personal opinion on this matter, you’ll love the following outfit set. Based off an OPI pink nail lacquer, it’s a fresh holiday look that’s bound to stay in style long after the holidays are over. (Can I get a hallelujah?) A word to the wise: because minimalism is once again the key here, be sure to keep the actual pink details in your outfit to a minimum—and to not match precisely with your chosen nail polish tone!

Products: Sweater – Nordstrom | Shoe – Ted Baker | Cellphone Case – Casetify | Scarf – Uniqlo | Nail Polish – OPI


Do you love to try out different nail polish colors? Are you into matching nail polish with your outfits? (I know I am!) Would you wear any of the style sets above? 

Tell us this, and more, in the comments section below!

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