Why I Started Sewing

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Editor’s Note: In lieu of the typical tutorial, our resident DIY writer, Seleste, is sharing the reasons behind her passion for sewing. From designing dresses for dolls to delving into DIY in the digital age, we hope you enjoy reading about her personal journey.

My first foray into the world of sewing began with little dolls made out of fabric scraps, tissues, and even flowers. With cotton wool for a head, and overly wide felt tip smiles, they probably resembled ghosts more than people. 

In the beginning, my dream was to become a toy clothing designer, and I would wrap bits of fabric around them, securing them with knots and sticky tape. My little army of multicolored togaed teddy bears and dolls.

Then, when I was deemed responsible enough to wield a needle, I was taught to sew. I didn’t make much, just rows upon rows of wobbly running stitches to decorate a cushion, or my name unevenly embroidered onto the corner of a handkerchief. Gifts that no one but a grandmother would want to keep. 

My fabric stash is slowing taking over my life.

But then, once I started going to school, everything stopped. I discovered other hobbies, such as gymnastics, painting, and Pokémon, and as a result, sewing fell to the wayside.

I now learn most of my skills on the internet. Zipper installation, pattern drafting, french seams… for every problem, there are at least twenty videos on how it solve it. But in my preteen years, this is what actually got me back into the world of sewing again. 

It wasn’t until I started watching YouTubers like SecretLifeOfaBioNerd or coolirpa who, with their DIY creations, helped me to rediscover and rekindle my love for crafts. 

They also inspired me to cut up my clothing. Much to the despair of my mother, these early projects often rendered my clothing totally unwearable. Remember the DIY t-shirt trend? How about tie-dye, galaxy prints, random strategic cutouts, or heavily distressed denim? I tried them all. 

But these DIY projects just reminded me of the old sewing machine in the back of the cupboard that I could use to make more clothes. By following these tutorials, I made rectangle skirts and shift dresses, so misshapen and ill fitting that none were really fit to be worn outside the house. But I wouldn’t stop. I bought fabric and tools, practiced, and, slowly but surely, the clothing I made began to resemble the designs that I saw in my head.

My twelve year old self went crazy over DIY tutorials like these.

Thus began my obsession with fabric, sewing patterns, and design, which has persisted to this day. No, the clothes may not look as perfect as they do in the shops, but there is a beauty in the things that you make for yourself. And when people ask “where did you get that?”, there is very little that is more satisfying than being able to reply “I made it myself.”

What do you think?

Do you know how to sew? What’s your biggest passion or hobby? Tell me in the comments section, and let’s get a conversation started.

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