10 Mugs That Will Have You Sippin' Stylishly

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The ultimate holiday 2016 mug roundup is here.

To me, nothing says “winter” quite like sitting around when it’s cold under a fluffy blanket with a nice, steamy drink in hand. Is there any better feeling?

Whether you regularly drink coffee, love hot chocolate, or you just want to add to your mug collection, today I’m here to help! Here are my favorite ten mugs that will make your favorite holiday drink even more delicious. (Bonus: They would make great gifts!)

The Campfire Mug


This stoneware mug is sturdy and looks perfectly appropriate for your next evening under the stars.

The Travel Mug


It’s not a tumbler, it’s not a regular mug… it is totally adorable. This gorgeous cup is great for taking on short journeys, or just showing it off around the block.

The Initial Mug


You can find this mug in all the letters of the alphabet, which is great if you want to invest in a set for your apartment or give one as a gift.

The Essential Mug

Urban Outfitters

It looks simple, but this ceramic mug is exactly what I think of when someone says latte on a cold day. Plus it comes in a few colors so you can grab the whole set.

The Print Mug

Zara Home

This porcelain print mug is an elegant twist on classic Rudolph. Plus, I’ve been hearing great things about the Zara Home line, so this might just be worth checking out.

The Lid Mug


America’s favorite coffee shop is apparently equally skilled at making stylish mugs… that will keep your drink cold for longer! It’s hard not to love the two baby polar bears or the candy cane handle on this one.

The Tumbler

Lindsay Letters

Need something bigger than the standard 12oz. mug? The “holidaze” mug has you covered – plus, you’ll be able to clearly see exactly how much drink you have left. Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel deceived when I hit the bottom.

The Snowman Mug

Sur la Table

Sure, it’s cheesy, but how can you not smile along?

The Pop Culture Mug


I personally haven’t seen Elf (I know, I know — I plan to get around to it this winter, promise!) but my two roommates seemed to get a kick out of this.

The French Mug


I always joke about how French unnecessarily shows up on t-shirts and sweaters, but it’s actually quite charming on this mug. Plus it was designed by a Parisian artist, so points for authenticity!

What do you think?

Let me know about any other mugs you think should be on this list!

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