10 Things I Always Keep in My Gym Bag

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Here’s exactly how to excuse-proof your workout.

One thing I really regret not taking more advantage of in college was the (free!) gym. My schedule was always insane, and I told myself I was too busy to work out. Going to the gym, showering, doing my makeup again, changing clothes – it was a big NO from me

This will probably shock approximately none of you, but exercising as an adult with a full time job is wayyyy more difficult. Even worse, I now have to spend my hard-earned cash money to use the gym. #soitgoes

Like a boss. 

If I had known that one of the best ways to squeeze a workout into a busy schedule was to have a well-stocked gym bag, I would have definitely worked out more in college. So, take it from a crochety old 25-year-old – pack thee a goof-proof gym bag, get thee to the gym between classes, and get them gains. 

Here are the 10 things I always have in my workout bag

Dry Shampoo

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Whether you’re lifting, running, or doing hot yoga, you’re likely going to get sweaty, which means your hair’s going to get sweaty, which is like the grossest feeling ever. 

Wondering how to make your hair look good after a workout? You could shower after your workout if you have time, of course, but if you’re trying to book it to class after your workout, dry shampoo is the only way to go. Bonus points for a fun scented dry shampoo, like the Batiste formula shown above. 


Same idea – you don’t want to slide into lab smelling (or feeling!) like a sweaty towel. Apply liberally after every workout. 

Face Wipes or Baby Wipes

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Baby wipes and facial wipes are my secret weapon to squeezing hot yoga into my lunch hour at work. It’s easy to freshen up after a workout with one of these. 

I use one wipe to remove makeup and cleanse my skin before, and then again afterward when I’m a sweaty mess. I generally keep a pack of both baby wipes and face wipes in my bag, but just one will do the trick too. 

A Lock

Keep your ish safe. This is a deal-breaker thing for me – if I don’t have my lock, I’m not going to the gym. Cut out the variable by always having one in your bag. 

An Extra Shirt

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On the weekends, sometimes I’ll run errands after I work out (groceries, brows, Target, whaatever). I like to keep an extra shirt in my bag for this reason – I can do a quick change and feel a little less gross when I’m out in public. 

It also doesn’t hurt to pack a gallon-size plastic bag for your sweaty clothes. That way, your post-workout clothes won’t contaminate the rest of your ish. 

A Towel

Non-negotiable if you’re working up a sweat. Buy a handful so you’re never without (and so you don’t have to use a dirty towel – not fun!) – just be sure to wash them once a week or so! 

A Water Bottle

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I have about a zillion water bottles floating around in my life – a couple at home, one or two at work, one in my car – but I can never seem to get one to the gym or the studio when I really, really need it. 

The fix for this – a cute water bottle for the gym that doesn’t leave the bag unless I’m working out. And, it’s better for the environment and your budget, duh. Personally, I like to spend a little extra for metal, but a cheaper plastic bottle is fine too. 

A Post-Workout Snack

A killer workout gives my stomach the rumbles like nothing else, and if I don’t get something in my stomach, I get hangry. I generally eat lunch right after my workout, but if you’re working out in the morning or mid-afternoon, pack a banana or a protein bar for a post-workout snack.


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Nothing makes a workout speed by like an amazing playlist (currently bumping: my girl Lorde), which requires a pair of cute headphones – you don’t want to be that girl in the gym with nothing to listen to! 

I keep a cheapo pair in my workout bag so I’m never without (see a trend here?) but if your headphones are something you like splurging on, go for it! (Bluetooth headphones are the best if you want to spend.)

Hair Ties, Headbands, and Bobby Pins

I have my hair in a pixie cut, and let me tell you – even I need a little something extra to keep my hair out of my face. I have probably ten headbands in my bag just to keep my bangs off my face during. 

Get way more than you need, ‘cuz you know they’ll disappear into the black hole where bobby pins and hair ties go.  

What do you think? 

What do you guys keep in your workout bags? What are your tips for squeezing workouts into your schedule? Let me know in the comments below! 

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