20 Signs That You’re A Person Who Can Easily Connect With Others Deeply

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People who spend more time on deep conversations instead of small talk were found to be happier, according to Matthias Mehl, a psychologist at the University of Arizona. After discussing or sharing deep feelings and views with others, we usually feel more connected and satisfied. Here are 20 signs that you’re the kind of person who can do this with ease.

  1. You question the status quo.
  2. You always look for new insights.
  3. You can see strengths in people easily.
  4. You tend to believe that most people are kind-hearted.
  5. You love exploring the meaning of life.
  6. You can listen patiently.
  7. You know how to ask wise questions.
  8. You are sensitive to others’ feelings.
  9. You like to listen to different points of view.
  10. You’d like to know how others feel.
  11. You’re empathetic.
  12. You like to learn from others.
  13. You like helping people.
  14. You like comforting people.
  15. You have strong emotions.
  16. You always question the meaning of the things you do.
  17. You don’t mind sharing your own personal experience.
  18. You don’t judge.
  19. You respect how people think differently.
  20. You can express your thoughts well.

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