3 Christmas Movie-Inspired Outfits to Bring the Holiday Spirit into the New Year

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Let the holidays inspire your new year’s outfits!

Christmas may be over, but we’re still in the holiday spirit around here! I always try to carry that feeling into January and beyond, and I like to use my outfits to do so.

To keep you in the spirit of the holidays well into the new year, I’ve created 3 outfits inspired by the opening credits of classic holiday films. But don’t worry — the inspiration is subtle, so they don’t look like *Christmas outfits*. They’re just fun little ways to keep the holiday cheer alive.

Intrigued? Let’s get started!

Outfit #1 – Home Alone 2

The first two Home Alone films are absolute classics. (See our posts on things we learned from Home Alone and Home Alone 2!) But for as much as we watch these movies, no one seems to notice that the opening credits outline the exact plot of the film. 

The opening credits have a winter snowstorm feel to them, so naturally I had to create a winter weather look. White, navy blue, and black are major color schemes, so I used those colors for the look. 

Start off with white jeans for a rule-breaking pick. Keep it somber with a grey sweater, then add tall boots for warmth and extra style points. Finish off your outfit with a beanie and a navy wrap coat. 

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Outfit #2 – Elf

Elf is my favorite holiday movie ever! I really enjoy the opening credits; they’re so cute and unexpected, and they totally get you into the holiday mood. 

This outfit will be a fun party look, but don’t worry! It’s not overly Christmassy. I like to think of it as bringing Xmas spirit in a subtle manner. To channel the elves, start off with an adorable green sweater. Then bring in another hint of holiday color with these burgundy flats. Finish the look with these leather pants and black satchel bag. 

Products: Sweater – Nordstrom, Leather Pants – Boohoo, Flats – Boohoo, Bag – H&M

Outfit #3 – It’s a Wonderful Life

This classic holiday movie has a similarly classic tone to the opening credits. Obviously this black and white film has a black and white color scheme, and we’re going to be using the same thing for this outfit. 

For this look, I’ve created a classic neutral party outfit. Start off with a black cocktail dress — this will be your only piece of black. Accessorize with white pieces for contrast, namely some white chunky heels and an envelope clutch to keep it classic but contemporary. Finish with a pearl necklace for a final classic vibe. 

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Are you going to bring holiday cheer into the new year?

Tell me in the comments! Also, would love to know which of these outfits is your favorite.

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