3 Easy & Stylish Outfits for Holiday Parties

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Because you shouldn’t have to stress about to what to wear this season.

As we head into the season of holidays, we will undoubtedly receive many invitations. I myself have already been invited to Christmas parties (including a PJ party, no less). To that end, I have compiled some outfits for holiday parties, tailored to three kinds of parties you may get invited to. 

There’s the classy look, the PJ look, and the comfy/casual/chic look of the staple potluck party.

The key with all these looks is to subtly integrate holiday into the look without outright being holiday. Unless, of course, an in-your-face holiday party is on your calendar–in that case, go nuts. 

Holiday Party Outfit for Classy Holiday Party

Products: Dress – ModCloth; Bracelet – Bloomingdale’s; Boots – JustFab; Clutch – Boohoo

Not everyone will get invited to a classy holiday party, but should the opportunity to dress up arise this season, you can’t go wrong with a ModCloth dress. A little pricey, sure, but a worthy investment. 

The dress above will work year-round, depending on how you accessorize. Here I’ve paired the more muted colors with a lighter blue accessory and dark shoes. With this look, the focus should definitely be on the dress, not the shoes. 

You want to stand out at this kind of party, and a striking, but simple figure is the way to go. Pair the dress with a clutch for your necessities, and you’ll be the belle of the ball. 

Holiday Party Outfit for PJ Party

Products: Robe – Target; T-shirt – Gap; Shorts – Bare Necessities; Socks – Target

The trick with PJ parties is knowing the “dress code” of the event. Is it a PJ party with friends, or work associates? Two different outfits. 

What I’ve tried to do with the outfit above is come up with something that’s cute, a little flirty, comfortable, but still could potentially be presence-of-coworkers-appropriate. Shorts with knee-high socks is a classic look that I love to use in my loungewear, and one can’t go wrong with a robe. 

You could also make this look work with a long sleeve shirt or sweater, and ditch the robe, or do long pants with slippers instead of shorts and socks. 

But remember: PJ parties are supposed to be fun! Be creative with your combinations, or, if comfort is more important to you than cute, go easy with an adult onesie. 

Holiday Party Outfit for Potluck Party

Products: Cardigan – H&M; Tank – Gap; Jeans – H&M; Shoes – Gap Factory; Necklace – H&M

Work, church, dorms, clubs, friend groups…what do all these things have in common? 

They love to have potlucks

I went a little more subtle with this look. It’s a little less holiday and a little more winter. The blue of the top offsets the neutrals of the cardigan, shoes, and necklace. It’s cute, but it doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. 

Potlucks are more casual, without the demands for creativity that come with a PJ party, so you have the freedom to go pretty basic — and let the dish you bring speak louder than your outfit. 

If understated is not your style, though, opt for an ugly sweater instead of the tank and cardigan. Bonus points if it lights up like this Stranger Things sweater from Target. 

Your Turn!

Which parties are you going to be going to this season? What will you be wearing? Are you more of an understated holiday dresser, or is flashier better? Let us know in the comments below! 

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