3 Girl Squad Costume Ideas for You & Your BFFs

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Your costume will be total #squadgoals.

Mean Girls friends

Happy October, everyone!! If you live in Central Florida, like me, October doesn’t mean anything. Halloween has already been going on for over a month here because Florida exists in a weird bubble where there are no rules and the seasons don’t matter. BUT, if you live anywhere else, I’m assuming you greeted the first day of October with the giddy knowledge that Halloween season has officially begun

However, this also presents the unparalleled seasonal dilemma of costumes. What do I wear? What if someone has the same costume as me? Is this idea too dumb/complicated/overdone? How am I going to afford a different costume for all fourteen Halloween parties I’ve been invited to? 

Well, put your anxiety on hold, because I will be here every Friday from now until Halloween with a different set of easy costumes you can make with clothes you already have in your closet! YOU’RE WELCOME. 

This week is all about the girl squads: specifically, the ones we all love to hate. Grab your BFFs and get ready to raid your closets for everything you need to look like hell in high heels!

Chanel and Chanels No. 3 and 5, Scream Queens

Products: Ears Headband, Black Skirt, Jacket, Pink Skirt, Pink Blouse, Earmuffs, Earrings, Pink Glitter Heels, Gold Glitter Heels, Pink Bow Heels, Black Bustier, Sunglasses

Looking like crazy, evil campus royalty is easy: all you have to do is load up on the most over-the-top decadent articles of clothing you can possibly think of, and literally wear them all at once. 

Think: shimmery pastels, glitter, heels sharp enough to stab a serial killer, rhinestones, fur coats, and slinky, form-fitting skirts and tops. Make sure you don’t forget each of the Chanels’ signature accessories: sunglasses for Chanel, earmuffs for Chanel No. 3, and animal-ear headbands for Chanel No. 5. 

The Heathers, Heathers

Products: Red Blazer, Yellow Blazer, Green Blazer, Red Scrunchie, Knee Socks, Black Skirt, Oxford Heels, Croquet Mallets

The Heathers are one of the easiest and most iconic girl group costumes out there: although the film costumes are quite detailed, all you need to be instantly recognizable as the Heathers are three matching blazers in red, yellow, and green. 

For the rest of the costume, just think “preppy ’80s”: use knee socks in either a solid or plaid print, short black skirts, and cute Oxford heels. Don’t forget Heather Chandler’s iconic red scrunchie so everyone knows who’s in charge. 

If you want to give your costume a little something extra, have your whole group tote croquet mallets that match their blazer color. 

The Plastics, Mean Girls

Products: Pink Sweater, Camel Skirt, Black Heels, T-Shirt, Pale Pink Skirt, Rose Heels, Burn Book book cover, Bow Blouse, Pink Mini-skirt, Bubblegum Pink Heels

Last but not least, nobody can forget about the infamous Plastics (who are, now that I’m thinking about it, actually sort of tame compared to the other two squads I’ve covered). Halloween doesn’t fall on a Wednesday this year, but you’ll still need to wear all the pink you can find to represent Regina, Gretchen, and Karen properly.

The above looks are straight off the movie poster, but as long as your Regina has her iconic “A Little Bit Dramatic” t-shirt, any combination of pink blouses, mini-skirts, and heels (How are all these girl squads wearing heels to school all the time? Who thought that was a good idea?) will work just as well! 

For an extra movie reference that everyone will love, carry around your own Burn Book.

What do you think?

And there you have it: three villainous girl squads that will be sure to turn heads at your next party, but won’t break the bank to do it! 

This week was all about the groups, so next week will be focused on duos! Check back next Friday for Halloween costumes inspired by some of my favorite pairs. 

Who would you like to see covered next? Who are you going to be for Halloween? Let me know in the comments! 

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