3 Insanely Comfy Pieces You Can Wear Again (and Again and Again)

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Harem pants are totally acceptable as daywear, fight me.

Back when I made calculated decisions regarding my wardrobe — decisions that, contrary to today’s resolve, did not rest on “how comfy can I feel right now?” — and before I stopped logging my latest purchases on Stylebook, I used to swear that I’d never resort to anything as basic as a pair of cropped jeans and a plain crewneck sweater. 

Giving my look a cursory glance before rushing out the door, I’m reminded that those days are firmly in the past. 

High school me, meet me from the future: a very tired, very uncreative senior student who, frankly, doesn’t have time for anything that’s not stretchy or loose-fitting. Nowadays, I get dressed in under ten minutes and spend the next fifty butchering the latest trending natural beauty tutorial while I tune into The Office for what I can only assume is the 2,738th time.

The worst (or best?) part is that I don’t even feel sorry about it. As a matter of fact, I tend to seek the “easier” pieces to wear while online shopping, reveling in the satisfaction that a pair of jogger pants or plain tank dress can bring me. 

And, you know what? I think I’ve found some pretty decent apparel while I’ve been at it. Here are my top three picks for a lazy girl’s dream wardrobe:

This pre-rolled roll sleeve tee (try saying that five times fast)

Sure, you could take the time to roll up your crewneck T-shirt’s sleeves by yourself. It’s only a little work, after all. While you’re at it, why not join your kinfolk in the field to bring in the crops or try your hand at manufacturing textiles in your free time? Just kidding, you don’t have any free time — you’re a peasant woman in medieval Europe. Hope you like dying as you give birth to a sixth son at the age of nineteen.

(Translation: Skip the hassle and buy the pre-rolled top.)

Shop this Topshop tee ($18) at Nordstrom.

This pant that defies heavy dinners and ~that~ time of the month with its elastic waist

This is the ultimate Thanksgiving day bottom. You have my blessing to purchase this pair of mauve stretchy pants eight months ahead of the big day, if only to prep it by stuffing yourself with yummy late-night snacks from Taco Bell. Remember: All-carb diets do not exist when you’re rocking a pair of palazzos.

Shop this AE lace hem pant ($44.95) at American Eagle.

This snug, Paris Hilton-approved 2000s throwback

Sartorially speaking, there’s very little I appreciate from the 2000s. Low-rise denim and stick-thin, crimped hair? Neckties used as belts? No, thanks; you can keep those wacky, uncomfortable trends buried in a millennium time capsule for all I care. 

But the meteoric rise of the velour tracksuit from athleisure to socialite-friendly luxe? Well, that’s a transformation I fully endorse. And if you value your personal comfort and easy accessibility to the phone-key-wallet triad (two words: kangaroo pocket), you should, too.

Shop this Make + Model velour sweatshirt ($23.40) at Nordstrom.

What’s your go-to comfy look?

Do you have a favorite garment you just can’t get enough of? A pair of jeans that go well with, well, everything? A fashion “uniform” of sorts?

Tell me all about it! Leave a comment below, or share your thoughts via Twitter or Facebook.

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