3 Looks for Election Day

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Rock your vote (and rock a cute look while you’re at it!)

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Whether you’ve been glued to your newsfeeds keeping up with this crazy election or if you’re just ready for the thing to be over, Election Day is finally here! If you haven’t voted already, today’s the day to go out and make your voice heard – and there’s no reason you can’t rock an awesome look at the polls! 

Of course, voting is about so much more than making a fashion statement – it’s about being an informed and active citizen in your country, state, and locality; it’s about exercising the rights that generations of Americans have fought to give you and preserve for you; it’s about making your voice and opinion heard. 

Whether you’re heading to the polls today, you’ve already voted, or you’re not old enough yet to vote, these cute looks are a great day to show your enthusiasm for voting and the democratic process. 

The Informed Voter

Products: Lipstick, eyeliner, backpack, boyfriend jeans, coat, tee, scarf, sneakers

If you’ll be running from your classes to your polling station, you’ll want something that’s cute and comfy with a little polish. A graphic t-shirt is a casual way to show your election day spirit that still looks polished enough for class when paired with a sleek blazer style coat and a collegiate cognac brown backpack. 

Fun, fashion-y touches like ripped boyfriend jeans and white slip-on sneakers keep this look from being too buttoned up, and won’t leave your feet sore if you have long lines at your polling place. Finish the look with a red lip and a star-patterned scarf for a bit of patriotic flair. 

The Suffragette

Products: Jeans, bag, sunnies, cape, tanklipstick, ring setbooties

A monochromatic white look is not only fashionable and eye-catching, but it’s an awesome throwback to the all-white outfits suffragettes wore at the turn of the 20th century, making it a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work (other than voting itself, of course!) 

A white cape elevates a muscle tank and a pair of ripped white jeans, while black booties, a handful of rings, and cat-eye sunnies bring the drama. A deep burgundy lip brings this look into fall, while a stark clutch adds a grown-up touch. This look would be perfect if you’re running out to vote during your lunch break at a casual workplace! 

Note: Many Hillary supporters are adopting all white as their voting day uniform, so if she’s not your candidate or you’d prefer not to — literally — wear your vote on your sleeve, outfit 1 or 3 may be a better choice.

The Swing Voter

Products: Earrings, bag, tights, turtleneck, shoes, skirt, pins, mascara

Of course, your ‘voting look’ doesn’t have to be anything special. Anything you’d wear on a normal fall day would do, too, like this adorable front-buttoned swing skirt! But I love the idea of adding just a couple of little touches, like these retro-looking voting buttons. 

To keep with the ’70s retro vibe, pair your button-front skirt with a gray turtleneck, black tights, and black booties. A sleek marsala backpack adds a modern and youthful touch and keeps this outfit from being too dated. Finish the look with a pair of extra swing-y earrings and intense lashes. 

What do you think? 

Are you so pumped to vote? Would you wear any of these looks? Let me know in the comments below! 

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