3 Looks Inspired by our Solar System

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There’s more out there than just planets.

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been showing you how to take inspiration from the planets in our solar system. It’s been fun, but we got through Neptune last time, so you may be asking… where do we go from here?

Luckily, the planets aren’t the only things out there in our system. They’re the most famous and popular ones, a big interstellar clique that gets most of the attention, but there are lots of equally cool masses that don’t fit in with the crowd and don’t want to. So if you didn’t get your fill with my earlier articles, return with me to the solar system one more time!


Products: Tights, Lipstick, Boots, Dress.

I felt awful leaving poor Pluto out of my planet posts; Pluto’s life has taken a sad turn in the last decade or so. Alone, friendless, and freezing, it no longer gets to hang out with the cool kids. So let’s give it some love.

We remember when it was a planet, and we still adore it. Show your pride for the icy castaway with edgy pieces like black lipstick and fishnets and a cool, neutral dress.

The Sun

Products: Romper, Earrings, Eyeshadow, Sandals.

The Sun could be the ultimate queen B of the galaxy if it wanted, but it’s really too next-level for anyone else. If you decide to channel the sun for an evening, the whole world will be revolving around you, so don’t take that decision lightly. Go bold, go gold, or go home!

The Astroid Belt

Products: Sweater, Sweatpants, Slippers, Astronaut Ice Cream

The astroid belt isn’t one for attention; in fact, it’s pretty low-key and easily forgettable. That means it makes the perfect inspiration for a toned-down loungewear look, for when the only attention you want is your cat’s. Pull out your favorite neutral-toned sweats and eat some outer space food!

What’s your favorite planetary body? 

Do you have any out-of-this-world article requests? Let me know!

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