3 Outfits to Help You Look Amazing on Your Next Date Night

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It’s getting cold, but your love life is heating up!

Well, in a few short weeks, chances are you’ll be headed home for Thanksgiving, perhaps with your significant other in tow. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a moment to appreciate how nice this time of year is for dates.

For one thing, now that midterms are done and over, you have more time to hang with your boo. For another, this is the time to break out all your warm things like your favorite sweatshirt (stolen from your loved one) or fuzzy blankets to curl under and watch Netflix with your sweetheart.

No matter if you’re just starting to see someone or you two are completely comfortable with each other, we have a few date night outfits for you. 

Date Night Outfits: The First Date

Products: Shirt – Target, Jeans – Hollister, Booties – Charlotte Russe, Purse – Miss Selfridge, Necklace – J.Crew

It’s a classic outfit combo — chambray shirt and black jeans — but it’s the details that make the outfit pop and take this from an outfit for class to one of our favorite date night outfits.

Each of the accessories, from the necklace to the boots, have a cute metallic detail to them. They draw the eye in a unique way without overwhelming, which is perfect when you’re meeting up with your crush (from Tinder or otherwise) for the first time officially. 

Keep a fresh face or swipe on your favorite makeup look– with this outfit, you’re the real attention getter!

Date Night Outfits: Laid-Back but still Dressy Date

Products: Dress – Target, Tights – Chico’s, Shoes – Charlotte Russe, Scarf – J.Crew, Lipstick – Amazon

Full disclosure: when I think of fall dates, I think of this outfit or some variant of it. A cozy dress can keep you comfortable while you dazzle your date with your wit and charm. (Another perk of this dress? It’s practically a sweatshirt, and has pockets — need I say more?)

Details are always important, so snuggle down into your favorite scarf and show off your legs in a tights and booties combo. A quick swipe of lipstick and you are all set to flirt the night away!

Date Night Outfits: The Lazy AF Date

Products: Sweatshirt – Nordstrom Rack, Leggings – H&M, Socks – Express, Chapstick – Burt’s Bees, Mascara – Maybelline

While I’m all about dressing up and heading out on the town with my SO, I’m a diehard homebody, so this outfit is more my speed. Besides, being in a relationship where you can steal their clothes and laze around all day with them, favorite show in the background? That, my friends, is the definition of bliss.

Cozy up for a Stranger Things marathon in your trusty leggings and favorite oversized sweatshirt (bonus points if you stole it from your sweetie’s closet).

Keep your toes warm with a pair of fuzzy socks (because you know that your bf/gf will steal the blanket given the chance) and keep the beauty routine simple with mascara and lip balm. 

Order a pizza and settle in for the coziest cuddling session yet!

What do you think?

Are you looking forward to taking your bae home for the holidays? What’s your favorite date night outfit? What’s your favorite kind of date? What events are happening in your life — and what do you need outfit inspiration for? Let us know in the comments!

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