3 Real Workplaces to Inspire Your Workspace Decor

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Study like you mean in it, in a workspace inspired by real companies.

I’ve always dreamed of having a pristine white workspace at my future employer’s office that I can decorate with my own style.

Everyone is familiar with the dull and drab offices of the ’90s (think Office Space), but these days corporate workspaces are catching on to the principles of interior design. Offices are popping up that make my jaw drop— they look like Pinterest boards come to life!

While you probably don’t have the budget in college to replicate these offices completely, there are several elements that can be copied in your own room to add a trendy touch to a studious space.

1. Refinery29

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I think it’s impossible to ignore the collage that’s building on this wall in the Refinery29 office. I see everything from postcards and magazine tears to posters and photographs.

While you might want your study space to be clean and not distracting, it can be good to have some motivational pictures to inspire you above or around your desk. Take a look at the computers on the right— the desk itself is clutter-free, but employees can look up from their computers and not see a discouraging blank wall. 

2. Studio DIY

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Of course a company with DIY in the name is going to have an enviably adorable office!

What I love about this shot in particular are the labeled jars, which hold candies and supplies. Organizing your pencils, notecards, etc. in cute jars isn’t a new idea, but can ensure that clutter doesn’t spread across your desk.

Additionally, a bag hook is a great idea to have near your desk or study area so you can easily transfer items from your backpack to desk. I’ve had times where I’ve taken a notebook out to study and forgotten it at home when I needed it for class, so I now try to keep my backpack nearby as a reminder.

3. Packed Party

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There are two standout things featured in this photo: a patterned lamp and stack of books. If you’re wondering how to store your commonly used textbooks, this can be a space-saving storage tip. (Just make sure your lamp isn’t too heavy!) Not only is your light source elevated, but you can work upwards instead of taking up space across your desk.

Proper lighting in a workspace is critical to success. After all, you can’t expect to be comfortable if you’re straining your eyes. Spruce up your area with a small lamp, but make sure the lampshade doesn’t impede the light from shining through.

What do you think?

Do you know of any inspiring offices? How do you turn your study area into a more professional space? Let me know in the comments!

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