3 Steps to Becoming a Street Style Star (Sponsored)

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Here’s how to launch yourself into internet style stardom.

Arielle Tillett via WEAR on Refinery29.com

If you read CF regularly, we’re betting that you have a cool sense of style. So why not share your awesome style with the world?

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we’re obsessed with street-style app WEAR – it’s a fabulous tool for sharing your style with the world and becoming a global influencer.

Ready to launch yourself to style stardom? Here are three tips to help you become a fashion influencer using WEAR. Just promise you’ll remember us when you become the internet’s next it girl…

1. Rock Your Best Look

Alice Dan via WEAR on Refinery29.com

This one should be obvious. Jeans-and-logo-tee-shirt looks are cool and all, but if you want to become a style star, you need to stand out and go beyond the basics

We browsed through Refinery29’s landing page for street-style app WEAR on Refinery29.com and found the above example. How cool does Alice Dan look in this unexpected combo? This outfit makes us want to follow her immediately, if only to see what she wears next.

2. Consider the Background

Kayla Doolady via WEAR on Refinery29.com

One of the best ways to complement a great outfit is by photographing it in front of an equally great background. How awesome is this painted wall?!

You don’t have to limit yourself to photogenic walls, though. If you browse through the WEAR photo examples, there’s tons of background inspo to be found – from serene lakes to city streets to Italian landmarks. (Sigh!) So if you find a photogenic place on your campus, make like an influencer and take advantage!

3. Show Off the Details

Rebecca via WEAR on Refinery29.com

As you know, fashion is all about the details, so make sure your photo shows them off.

For example, we love how WEAR user Rebecca showcases her graphic tee, ripped jeans, fur loafers and must-have clutch, all in one photo. Genius!

What do you think?

For more street style inspo, be sure to check out Refinery29’s landing page for street-style app WEAR on Refinery29.com and take notes. You’ll be the web’s next influencer in no time. 

And let us know in the comments – would you share your style on the WEAR app? Do you have any tips for taking photos of your looks? Spill!

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