3 Ways to Decorate Your Dorm According to Your Personal Aesthetic

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Are you more Quirky Nerd, Artsy Hipster, or Preppy Minimalist?

As an RA, I always get the awesome privilege of seeing all the different dorm set-ups residents can think of.  A lot of you pull out all the stops, and it’s awesome! 

However, before there was the dorm decorating, there was the hunt for inspiration. More likely than not, you turned to your personal aesthetic (or maybe a new aesthetic that you wanted to try) for that inspiration.

Maybe you want to try a new look for your room this year, or maybe it’s your first time living in the dorm. 

Either way, we have some ideas to help you along! Here’s how to decorate your dorm to fit your personality:

Artsy Hipster

Products: Poster – Domino, Pillow – Society 6, Blanket – Dormify, Rug – Society 6, Succulent – Ikea, Alarm Clock – Amazon

Sure, this isn’t a traditional “hipster” kind of set up… but I’m pretty sure that the point of being a hipster is being untraditional

Nevertheless, go for a mix of classic elements — the cable knit throw, the pretty alarm clock, the succulent — with splashes of personality. You can do this anyway that you like, from wall prints to statement pillows to even your rug!

Quirky Nerd

Products: Blanket – Box Lunch, String Lights – Etsy, Throw Pillow – Society 6, Poster – Amazon

My favorite thing about this kind of approach: you can switch out any of these items to reflect your fandom/quirky obsession! 

The trick to this set up is to pick a few major quirky-cool pieces that won’t overwhelm the casual visitor and yet fully captures your special interests. 

For instance, I went for an outer space theme with Star Wars, aliens, and galaxy print, which, when spread across the room, is pretty and subtly awesome. String lights are basically a must-have, whether your room is taking inspo from the night sky or not.

A note on the string lights: while most schools forbid or at least strongly discourage string lights in dorm rooms since they’re a fire hazard, you can avoid that fire risk! These lights, for instance, run on a battery pack, which means that you won’t have them plugged into an outlet, and the bulbs don’t get hot! Perfect for (mostly) following the rules and keeping your aesthetic!

Preppy Minimalist

Products: Chair – Target, Wall Print – Etsy, Blanket – Nordstrom Rack, Pillow – Dormify, Mug – Pier 1 Imports, Wax Melters – Etsy

If you’re like me, not decorating is your way of decorating. I have a knack for slowly developing my room decor scheme as the year goes along and I gravitate to new things as I grow and learn once more.

For instance, last semester, I was all about minimalism. The thought of having something that looks nice, serves two purposes or is simple enough to not overwhelm but complement everything in the room? That was my aesthetic, basically. 

Instead of worrying about going all out with decorating, curl up with a blanket in your favorite chair, toss a throw pillow (maybe sassy, maybe sweet) on your bed, and just chill. 

Subtle colors, such as the ones found in the wall print and the mug, look purposeful no matter where it’s placed, and a signature scent –maybe from a wax warmer, maybe from some perfume or other fragrance —  can pull the space together better than any over the top details.

What do you think?

How will you be decorating your dorm this semester? What are you doing to prepare for the new school year–and what events and occasions do you need some inspiration help with? Let us know in the comments!

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