3 Winter Party Outfits for When It's Cold AF (Plus Go-To Styling Tips)

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Your strategy for looking good AND staying warm.

Going out when it’s cold can be such a chore. Even worse? Trying to find something party-ready that doesn’t require twenty layers of clothing

Earlier this week, we shared some college party outfits that you can pair, in general, with coats. However, if you want something a bit more winter-specific, today we’ve got you covered.

For all you ladies heading across campus or into town on cold weekend nights, this is for you.

First, here are some lifesaving tips and tricks for creating winter party outfits so you can stay warm while looking your best.

1. Leggings under a skirt are an even warmer alternative to tights. 

Sometimes it is that cold, and opaque tights are pretty much just as bad as bare legs. Save yourself the agony and pull out your trusty black leggings.

2. Sheer tops can be your friend.

Wanna wear your cute new bralette or bodysuit, but it’s too cold? Layer a sheer long-sleeve top over it, like this one from Asos! It’s lightweight, but any layer helps.

3. Sometimes you can’t wear your favorite mini skirt. 

Makeup and cute accessories add to your outfit when it’s too cold to show much skin. A turtleneck is casual, but a turtleneck with a smoky eye is party-ready. During the winter months, invest in statement jewelry and bold makeup.

4. Sometimes it’s just too cold. 

Sometimes looking good isn’t worth being downright uncomfortable when you’re outside. Be safe first!

Here are some outfits for more inspiration!

Winter Party Outfit #1: The Glittery Dress

Products: Beret – Kohl’s, Lip Gloss – Selfridges, Parka – Macy’s, Gloves – Miss Selfridge, Necklace – Zaful, Earrings – Nordstrom Rack, Dress – Asos, Eye Palette – Witchery, Turtleneck – Madewell, Socks – Revolve, Mascara – Nasty Gal, Boots – Shopbop

You know that eye-catching glittery dress you can never find an occasion to wear? Slip it over a mock-neck top and you have a perfect going-out outfit. 

A warm parka is practical, and doesn’t have to ruin a cute winter party outfit (more on that here!). Add fleece-lined knee-high socks (such an essential for winter!) and waterproof boots to stay dry when it’s slushy out. For your hands, cute mittens. 

For your head, add a beret. When worn on the back of the head, it doesn’t give that dreaded hat hair. Lip gloss, mascara, a smoky eye palette, and gold jewelry add glam finishing touches.

Winter Party Outfit #2: The Bodysuit

Products: Coat – Mango, Lipgloss – Macy’s, Wrap Sweater – Forever 21, Bralette – Gilt, Bodysuit – Missguided, Clutch – Macy’s, Skirt – Nordstrom, Earrings – Bloomingdale’s, Tights – DollsKill, Boots – Macy’s

Cute bralettes aren’t just for warm weather; pair one with a sheer bodysuit for a night out! Another life-saving trick: adding a wrap sweater. They keep your arms warm, while still allowing you to show off your outfit. 

A faux fur coat is the top layer – both comfy and fashion-forward. Next, a skirt and tights don’t have to be a boring, especially not if you sub in lace tights. Add velvet booties so your feet won’t be cold. 

Grab a cute clutch and your hoop earrings, and swipe on berry lipstick to complete the look.

Winter Party Outfit #3: The Leather Pants

Products: Pants – Express, Lipstick – Macy’s, Mascara – Amazon, Earrings – Topshop, Choker – Gilt, Crop top – Zaful, Boots – Nasty Gal, Socks – Shopbop, Beanie – Pacsun, Denim Jacket – ShopAkira

For an edgier look, try leather pants. Perfect for going out (and showing off your legs!) without leaving you frozen, they’re a staple for cold nights, especially when paired with a long-sleeved crop top! 

Throw on an embroidered denim jacket (with shearling lining, of course) for that walk across campus. Keep your feet toasty in studded booties with warm socks. 

Now it’s time for extras! A red beanie is a statement accessory AND keeps your head warm. Add jewelry, like this layered choker and heart earrings. Swipe on eye-defining mascara and an eye-popping shade of your favorite lipstick for a bold look.

What do you think?

Do you have any tips for staying warm and looking cute? Would you wear any of these winter party outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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