4 Insta-Worthy Swimsuit Styles for Less

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Be the chicest girl on the beach for a fraction of the cost!

I recently set out to purchase some new swimsuits for my upcoming summer vacation. Actually, the last time I even bought a swimsuit was freshman year (of high school). So yeah, it was about time. 

For all things fashion, I tend to look towards brands I see on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, and follow the trends of popular bloggers. Stores like Frankie’s Bikinis, Bikyni, and Kore Swim have dominated my feed. 

However, as a college student, I can’t justify dropping $100+ on a swimsuit (as much as I’d love to). These styles may be adorable, but I live in Colorado. By no means am I spending my life in a swimsuit (although with these prices, I might feel as if I have to). So I set out to find inexpensive swimsuits that were still fashionable.

And it wasn’t that hard — if you search enough online, you can find trendy swimsuit styles at a fraction of the designer price – as in under $20! I know how frustrating it is to try and keep up with these expensive trends, but with online retailers offering these styles, I can still show off cute styles without decimating my paycheck. 

Below you’ll find look-alike swimsuits comparable to swimsuit brand styles – at a reasonable price.

1. The Triangl Swimsuit

Do you remember when these neoprene bikinis took Instagram by storm? Triangl Swimwear has branched out from their roots to supply velvet bikinis (how?? If someone can answer this for me, please do). 

However, I still find myself in love with these brightly colored swimwear sets. 

The Save

It’s no secret – I am in love with Amazon. However, their deals can sometimes be too good to be true. Therefore, before writing this post I put these brands to the test, ordering several different styles. I absolutely loved every set I ordered. 

When ordering off Amazon (especially swimsuits!) I have some insider tips. Always, always read the comments to gauge the quality of the piece and understand sizing. Also, make sure there are free returns (just in case). These two things will help you find budget bikini success!

2. The Shell Bikini

Because everyone wants to be a mermaid, right? This style is hopelessly cute (as well as — you guessed it — pretty expensive).

The Save

This take on the classic shell bikini from Asos is a more understated approach to the look (but still adorable!). The white color complements any skin tone, while the tie bottoms are ultra versatile and can be paired with any top. 

3. The One Piece

Simply put, this is the ultimate one-piece. The cut-outs on this suit are well-placed and flattering for any body type, and the paired neutral colors are beautiful.

The Save

This $69 alternative from Urban Outfitters mirrors the same silhouette of the Kore Swim one piece, while maintaining the same neutral colors. The added tie in the front serves as an additional bonus!

4. The Boho Suit

Behold – my favorite swimsuit of all time. I mean, come on. The lace-up detailing. The wrap-around tie. 

I mean, spending $100 on a swimsuit top (yes, just the top!) is crazy, right? …Right?

The Save

Amazon comes through – again! This under $20 pick from the online retailer mirrors the style exactly, and is equally as cute. 


Do you save or splurge when it comes to swimsuits? What is your favorite style? Let me know in the comments down below!

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