4 Red Dresses for Valentine's Day Dates, All Under $40 (Plus How to Style Them!)

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These classic red dresses will look great for any date.

A few weeks back, we shared some Valentine’s Day dresses that are perfect for any date you might be going on. In case you want more options, today I’m back with four more cute Valentine’s Day dresses for your date night plans.

I’m personally a fan of a classic red dress on Valentine’s Day, so I’ve focused my selections around that theme.

Here are 4 outfit sets with red dresses that are under $40 and perfect for any date night! They can work with all body types and for a multitude of date locations.

1. Side-Wrap Ruffle Dress

Products: Dress –Target, Heels – Lulus, Earrings – Mango, Clutch – Shoes.com, Lipstick – Sephora, Nail polish – Ulta

This first dress from Target will look great on just about everyone; it’s chic as well as flirty. The ruffles from the wrap skirt as well as the volume in the sleeves makes it perfect for a date night out dancing or when going out for a social gathering with friends! 

For this look, pairing the dress with some red strappy heels is a classic combination. These from Lulus work well but any red heels will do! I chose this clutch to go with this ensemble because it offsets all of the red items in the look. It draws the eye in and adds a new element to your outfit. 

When it comes to the other accessories, my go-to choice is always the tassel earring. These tassel earrings from Mango are especially great for people with shorter hair because they’re able to peek out from underneath!

This Fenty Beauty lipstick is to die for! It’s a deep shade of red and it’s extremely long lasting. It also pairs wonderfully with the Essie nail polish pictured! Having painted nails completes a look overall by adding one last little pop of red.

2. Deep Plunge V-neck Dress

Products: Dress – H&M, Heels – Nine West, Clutch – Forever New, Perfume – Amazon, Lipstick – Nasty Gal

This next outfit is another stunning look. This deep plunge v-neck dress from H&M is the perfect fusion of flirty and youthful! It’s perfect for a classy dinner with that special person.

I chose a sophisticated pair of black pumps from Nine West to go with this look. The fringe on the edge elevates them and makes them more interesting. The twist clutch above from Forever New is also a modern twist on a classic. It adds a subtle hint of detail to this outfit. 

For beauty, start with a pretty perfume, like this one from Coach. Choosing a nice scent can elevate any outfit to the next level. 

When it comes to lipstick, this medium shade of red from NastyGal is a winner. It perfectly matches the v-neck dress. It’s a matte lover’s dream so if shiny isn’t your thing, this is the lipstick for you!

3. Sweatshirt Pephem Dress

Products: Dress  – ASOS, Shoes – Target, Purse – Macy’s, Earrings – Venus, Lipstick – Barney’s.

This ruffle hem dress from ASOS is a really cute take on a regular sweatshirt dress. It’s a dress based more on comfort that works well for a movie date or a night in. If this is the date you have planned, this “pephem” (peplum + hem) sweatshirt dress is a wonderful option! 

To stay consistent with the awesome level of comfort in this outfit, I chose these cute platform block heel sandals from Target. Platforms make heels feel less high and daunting to wear and these are so subtle that they’ll almost feel like flats! 

For the other additions to this outfit, grab this furry crossbody bag from Macy’s and these adorable tassel earrings from Venus. The furry bag is a nice way to add texture to this look. The earrings are unique as well and stray away from the classic single tassel.

For the lipstick, I went with red again, naturally. This color is one of the 12 shades that were created for the L’Oreal Paris x Balmain Paris collaboration. This lip is also a matte so, again, perfect for the girl who doesn’t want a shiny lip.

4. Tight Bodycon Dress

Products: Dress – Nasty Gal, Shoes – Amazon, Earrings – Macy’s, Purse – Torrid, Lipgloss – Amazon, Necklace – Nordstrom.

Going out to the bar for a first date? This last look is the outfit to wear for a night out on the town. It’s a v-neck bodycon dress from NastyGal that will show off your awesome figure. 

These taller platform sandals from Amazon are great for giving you a few more inches. They are sophisticated and will keep your outfit trending towards the side of elegant.

Gold is the metal that I’m loving for this look — it adds just enough glam without overpowering the outfit. The gentle hoop earrings are from Macy’s, while this necklace is Kendra Scott from Nordstrom. These pieces are perfect because again they’re subtle but make just enough of a statement.

This crossbody purse from Torrid is adorable since it’s a heart shape and stays true to our gold theme! To top off the whole look, use this bright lipgloss from Rimmel. This is the red lipstick for our high shine lovers! It’s meant to be seen and will surely turn heads.

I hope this helped y’all think of some cute outfit ideas. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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