5 Essential Apps That Will Change your Life

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Because your cellphone can do more than browse Twitter.

Let’s accept the fact that we are all totally attached to our phones. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If we’re always on our phones, we may as well use them for productive things. Therefore, it makes total sense to download apps that will make our lives better. 

Aside from your standard social media apps, there are many apps out there that you can use daily as well. These apps can help you track your monthly and daily activities, help you remember certain things, and even help you save money. 

Here are my favorite essential apps for college girls:

1. 1Password

If you have trouble keeping track of passwords or important numbers in your life, 1Password is the solution. 

This app was made to store your passwords, and it automatically links with your web browser. So all of your passwords are secure and available for you to access with a single tap on your screen. The days of forgetting your important passwords are over! 

This app is available for download on Android, Apple, and internet browsers.

2. Clue: Period Tracker

Keeping track of your period can be seriously annoying, but in this day and age it’s never been easier. 

The Clue Period tracker app does more than just keep track of when your flow is on its way. This app also tracks your days and ovulation and notifies you of important days during your cycle. 

This app is available for download on Android and Apple.

3. Habitica

Making lists and keeping track of your duties can be boring. Habitica makes your daily tasks exciting by turning your to-do list into a virtual game. Staying motivated and achieving your goals just got a little bit more fun. 

This app makes all of your daily responsibilities into little power-ups of sorts, that give you gold and let you buy rewards. You can also join guilds and fight monsters. As the monsters are conquered, so are your tasks.

This app is available for download on Android and Apple.

4. Acorns

If you want to start investing, or if saving money just isn’t your specialty, the app Acorns is here to help. 

Acorns automatically invests the spare change of your purchases into stocks. As you spend your money, the app rounds your purchases to the nearest dollar. The more you’re spending, the more money you can earn! 

This app is available for download on Android and Apple.

5. Headspace

Although summer is approaching, that doesn’t mean that life still isn’t a little bit stressful. Headspace is the go-to app for relaxation

The app helps train your mind by teaching you meditations and how to apply them to your life. For example, you can apply your relaxation techniques to relationships or other stressful areas in your life.

This app is available for download on Android and Apple, as well as internet browsers.

What do you think? Would you use any of these apps? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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