5 Fashion "Rules" You Should Break This Fall

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Rules in the classroom are meant to be followed, but fashion rules? Not so much.

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When you think about fall, what comes to mind? I think of change, shedding the old skin, and transition. Given that, I chose to write this article based on that whole idea. Let’s forget about those fashion taboos once and for all. Step into a new mindset with me this fall. Embrace your freedom, experiment a bit, and put your foot a little more on the rebellious side. After all, isn’t rebellion sometimes fun?  

We did a long, detailed post on fashion rules to break back in 2008, and we followed it up with a sister article dealing with Spring trends a couple years ago. As we all know, trends and rules are always changing, so I decided to revisit this topic. 

Without further ado, here are the 5 fashion rules to break this fall:

1. Don’t wear socks and heels.

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This look is totally bold and chic. What’s even better is that socks allow you to wear your open-toe heels into the fall and winter seasons and not freeze to death. Plus, those blisters you get from the back of your shoe? Bye!

You can go about this look with thigh-high socks, or with socks that go a little above the ankle; either way looks great! Don’t limit this look to just open toed heels, either: Try it with t-straps, pumps, and wedges. Add a little prep in your step and have fun with it! 

2. Faux fur and leather are tacky.

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This is a fashion taboo I personally LOVE to go against. I love my faux fur vest and faux leather jackets and vests – they’re animal-friendly and oh-so affordable. I eventually want to get a leather skirt and shorts, too. I like using faux fur and leather with my outfits because it gives my look a nice edge and some fun texture

Even if you just throw a leather jacket or fur vest over your t shirt and jeans, it completely transforms your outfit into something new! I agree, faux fur and leather CAN look tacky (especially if they look really fake), but if you find the right pieces, they can be better than the real thing.

3. Stick to neutral tights.

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Tap into your inner Blair Waldorf (we all have one in there somewhere) and flaunt those bold colors! Give your neutral tights a break and pick up a pair in a fall color like red to mix it up.

Now this can be intimidating for a handful of you, but after you see how powerful you’ll feel in them, you won’t be afraid to grab those crazy colors out of your dresser! Use tights to create a fresh, bold, and daring look. 

4. Overalls are for toddlers.

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You can never wear too much denim. Chambray shirts, denim jeans, denim jackets; so why not overalls? Maybe it’s the childhood nostalgia, or maybe it’s how effortless they look. Either way, there’s no reason to ignore them! Ditch your skinny jeans for a pair of breathable overalls and you’ll look fashion-forward and be super comfy.

Wear overalls to the beach, out on the city streets, or a music festival! Their versatility is immense.

5. Shorts are for summer.

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We all know how easy it is to throw on a pair of shorts and head out the door. So why can’t we bring that idea into the cooler months? If you do this, I’d generally advise against linen or satin shorts; instead, opt for shorts in wool, leather, or denim fabrics

The nice thing about wearing shorts past summer is you can layer them in so many different ways – tights are the obvious choice but I’ve seen leggings used as well. Add a cozy sweater or top and jacket and you’re good to go! Keep in mind that almost any summer piece can be transitioned into the cooler seasons with a little ingenuity.

What do you think?

What fashion rules do you refuse to follow? What new trends do you want to try out this fall? Let us know in the comments below! 

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