5 Goals for My Sophomore Year of College

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Freshman year you’re in for the ride. This year, I’m making my own.

The first year experience is defined by the new; new friends, new campus, new teachers, new living situations, and new adventures. It seems like the year moves slow as molasses, and yet speeds by faster than you can believe. Undergraduate is only a four short years and I want to make the most of it, while still leaving room for the unexpected.

Today, I’m sharing my 5 goals for sophomore year, in the hopes that they’ll inspire you to create your own goals as we start a new year of college.

1. Get Involved

A big thing I want to do this year is go to events on campus. When I first came to school, I spent a lot of time with my new friends and we all went to parties and fairs together. As the year went on, I went to less and less–partially because of homework, but I was also afraid of going to events alone! 

That fear prevented me from going to cultural events, lectures from experts in their fields, or cheering on our sports teams. Being alone is a valuable life skill to learn, and I might meet new people by opening myself up, as hard as it is. Even if I don’t, I will have fun and learn something, which is what college is about!

2. Networking and Resume Building

From my “extensive research” (a.k.a. me looking up advice for making the most of college online), it seems a lot of people advise to really take advantage of networking opportunities that come with job fairs and having career services right on campus. 

My resume is mediocre at best, and I spent no time volunteering, even though I really wanted to. So, I’m hoping to attend a job fair for the experience of talking to employers, attending mock interviews for practice, and volunteering with my local Community Engagement office. Unless I prioritize it, it won’t happen, and career skills and giving back to my community are things that are important to me. 

3. Explore More

I spent most of my first year barely leaving the neighborhood my school is in. I have a minimal grasp of the bus, although I can navigate the trains quite well. This year, I want to explore the surrounding neighborhoods. 

Lots of people asked me what the best thing to do in Seattle is, but I’ve only brushed the surface of what my city has to offer. Exploring is a great way for me to feel empowered and open to new experiences

4. Adulting is Hard and Real

Freshman year gave me a very real crash course in how much things cost, and how fast your money goes. This year, if I can, I want to take a course on budgeting, taxes and balancing a checkbook. 

At the bare minimum, I want to budget better so I can save up for my study abroad and a trip I’m taking with my best friend.

5. Say Yes to in the Moment Things

Last year I said yes to a spontaneous trip to Vancouver with a friend of mine and two people I didn’t know. I was really nervous something bad was going to happen, but it was amazing! 

Even if it hadn’t gone well, which it did, it was a great experience and a huge push out of my comfort zone. Lesson learned, saying yes to new adventures and ignoring responsibilities for a wee bit of time is good for the soul. 

What are your goals for this year? 

While my goals may seem small, it’s important to me that they are loose enough that I don’t feel restricted enough to lose spontaneity. Making the most of college and learning to be a better ally, friend, and community member, while pushing my comfort zone little by little, is super important to me. I can’t do that sitting in my dorm the whole year!

What lessons did you learn that you can use in the upcoming year? Let me know in the comment section below!

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