5 Lazy Girl Apartment Hacks to Make Your Life 10x Easier

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Make your space work for you.

I’ll preface this article by saying that I’m not trying to encourage laziness. I think it’s important to put in the time and effort to keep your dorm, apartment, house, or other dwelling clean. Over time, you’ll become more diligent and this could translate to other areas of your life that need to be maintained. TL;DR: Taking action is good, k?

However, college life is hard. And there are some things I’ve done during my time in college that have made my life so much easier, especially around the house. 

Ready to learn from my laziness? Here are some of my favorite dorm/apartment “hacks”:

1. Order Your Ingredients

I have a few friends that can cook up a gourmet meal easily and without spending too much time looking up recipes and making sure they have the right supplies. For the rest of us, however, meal deliveries from companies like Blue Apron, Purple Carrot, or Plated can be a lifesaver. You’re still doing the cooking, but you’re paying for the convenience of inspired recipes and not having to take time to go to the store. 

If you want to still come up with your own recipes, Instacart is an easy way for you to get those groceries on-demand and save time for studying and hanging out.

Note: We know these companies sponsor lots of blogs but they didn’t sponsor us! We are just lazy college girls who use their services.

2. Put Netflix on the Big Screen

Maybe you have an Apple TV. Or a Roku. Perhaps you’re old school and just plugging an HDMI cord into your laptop. Either way, if you do have a TV, you need to find a way to get your movie/TV streaming on there

Why the TV instead of a laptop? Your eyes will thank you for looking at a bigger screen from further away. It also makes it easier for everyone to watch instead of crowding around a computer screen. And best of all, you aren’t draining your laptop battery! 

3. Step Away From the Kitchen

If you live in a dorm, chances you probably already have a mini fridge cause that’s just about the only way to store food in each room. But if you’ve moved into an apartment with bedrooms (this is useless in a studio unless you want to be really lazy) or a house (especially if your room is upstairs), investing in your own personal mini fridge is smart. 

I live in a loft, meaning that to get to the kitchen I have to walk down a spiral staircase. Oftentimes I’m simply too tired to pause my show and walk down and back up for water, snacks, etc. Other times I’m wearing some truly ridiculous pajamas and don’t want people in the living room to see me. (You know you’ve been there.)

If you keep a few glasses of water, some carrots and hummus (or a different snack if you prefer), and a tub of ice cream stocked regularly you can stay in your sanctuary on those days when you just don’t want to get out of bed. Ahh, bliss!

4. Say Goodbye to Unwanted Sun

Have you ever tried working on your laptop during the day but it’s so sunny outside that the glare is ruining your concentration? Or maybe you’ve put on a movie and can’t seem to simulate the theater experience, even with the blinds shut? 

My roommate came up with this trick and I love it. Just hang a large tapestry over the windows so that the light is almost completely blocked. Pin one end into the wall directly, but leave the other free so you can attach it as needed. Stick the pin into the wall only, in the place where the tapestry would reach if taut. Leave a little sticking out, because you can sew a little loop to the edge of the tapestry using fabric scraps and then hook it on and off. Or, you can just hole punch through the tapestry or use scissors if it’s too thick.

5. Rack Up Your Clothes

I’ve already raved in another article about how great clothing racks are, but seriously, they’ve changed my life. I’m one of those people who settles on an outfit, but then five minutes before leaving attempts to pick out something totally new. I end up going through my whole closet looking for something, anything. But for some reason I can never find what I need in a hurry. 

Clothing racks mean you can put your favorite shoes and outfits in one place for those moments where you just want to wear your staple LBD. Plus, if you have a jacket on a clothing rack that you can visibly see right before it’s time to go, you probably won’t forget it! If you have an event coming up and know exactly what you want to wear, you can hang it on your rack so a) you can find it and b) you will get excited every time you see it.

What are your lazy girl apartment hacks?

Are you thinking about giving any of these a go? What are your best hacks to make life easier? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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