5 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts to Bust Your Boredom

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Scroll away the academic doldrums with pics of everything from canines to couture.

Scrolling through the ‘gram is my go-to way to de-stress. None of your friends at the dining center for breakfast when you are? Need a five-minute break without getting sucked into the Buzzfeed rabbit hole? Never fear, Instagram is here.

But your feed is only as fun as the folks you follow. If I don’t “like” a friend’s post, they really shouldn’t take it personally because I follow literally hundreds of accounts, from cute animals to designers to fave celebs to fan accounts for shows I like. 

I can understand if you don’t want to go that crazy with who you follow — which is why I have listed five of my Instagram faves right here, for your perusing pleasure.

1. @Missasiakinney

Photo credit: Instagram.

Four words: Lady Gaga’s French Bulldog. I’m really not sure there’s anyone you could follow on Insta who is living a more glamorous life than Asia.  

Yes, the picture above is of her starring in her own Coach campaign. Yes, she has been on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. And obviously, Queen Gaga dresses her pooch princess in everything from diamonds to tiaras to cute costumes. And they take selfies together.  

Indeed, the pics of Asia strolling in Central Park and riding in limos will make you seriously jealous, even though she is, well, a dog.

2. @Bumble

Photo credit: Instagram.

No matter your relationship status, dating app Bumble’s Insta account is a must-follow for college girls. From super-relatable, LOL-worthy (sometimes NSFW) memes to awesome feminist inspiration, it’s an account curated just for young women.  

3. @Csiriano

Photo credit: Instagram.

I follow lots of designers and fashion labels so that I can lust after beautiful gowns and other couture craziness, but my favorite is, without a doubt, Christian Siriano

The Project Runway winner’s clothes (and wedding gowns!!!) are what dreams are made of, plus he’s always posting about the celebs who rock them. In case that wasn’t enough, Mr. Siriano is probably the most body-positive designer out there AND he designs gorgeous animal-friendly (read: non-leather) bags, proceeds from which go to fighting the ivory trade. It’s fabulous fashion with a heart of gold.

4. @Everyoutfitonsatc

Photo credit: Instagram.

This account, which aims to chronicle and critique every outfit ever worn on Sex and the City, is clever and funny (and once again, full of some NSFW language).  

In addition to being snarky-and-yet-spot-on about Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, and Carrie’s wardrobe (and life) choices, they often provide info on who designed the look, to help you up your fashion IQ.

5. @Jackfalahee

Photo credit: Instagram.

My number five must-follow insta should really be the famous hottie(s) of your choice. There is nothing wrong with bolstering your feed with a little eye candy.

One of my personal favorites is Jack Falahee –a.k.a Connor on How to Get Away with Murder. He posts a lot of adorable pictures of himself and/or his dog, plus behind the scenes photos with the rest of the cast of the show.

Some other cuties I enjoy following? Jane the Virgin‘s Justin Baldoni, and Ed Westwick, who will always be Chuck Bass in my heart.

What do you think?

What are your favorite Instagram accounts? Are you a fan of any of these? Any great ones that I missed? Let me know in the comments!  

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