8 Cute Sweaters to Get You Through Winter

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Avoid the winter *blahs* and stay cozy and cute!

As a fun little break before finals, I ventured my local mall. Every store I went into was decked with garlands and red baubles, and filled with the melodic harmonies of Christmas music. Mid-way through the day, I stopped at Starbucks, and to my surprise, my cute little Salted Caramel Latte came in a red cup.

And then it truly hit me.

The holiday season is here.

Yes, yes; I know. It feels like we were just planning our costumes for Halloweekend; now the holidays? Even though Halloween was a few mere days ago, winter is fast approaching. And with it comes winter fashion. 

Not feeling ready either? Fear not, readers, for I have compiled a list of the ten cutest, coziest sweaters to get you ready for the holiday season. Naturally, all of these sweaters would look adorably perfect in an Instagram post holding a coffee cup/playing in the snow/sitting by the fire.

1. ’70s Vibes 

Forever 21

I am absolutely in love with the 70’s vibes I am getting from this sweater. Pair it with jeans for a preppy look, or with an on-trend neck scarf and corduroy skirt for the ultimate throwback style. 

2. Convertible (!!) Turtleneck


Um, what? They make convertible turtlenecks? Seriously, a genius invention: the neck comes off to create a scoop neck. Two sweaters in one!

3. The Off-Shoulder Sweater


The off-the-shoulder trend doesn’t have to die when the weather gets colder. Embrace this trend in a super-cozy way.

4. Tiny Detailing

Forever 21

Love, love the tiny detailing on this casual sweater; throw it on with jeans, and you’re good to go! 

5. The Classic Henley

Brandy Melville

Okay, okay. So technically a henley isn’t a sweater. However, I included it because it is the ultimate cold weather clothing item: perfect for layering and styling with coats and jackets. 

6. The Lace-Up


I adore this more conservative lace-up sweater. Perfect for class – and that shade of pink is guaranteed to brighten up any bleak winter day!

7. The Tasseled Look


Tasseled sweaterneed I say more? This sweater is the pinnacle of cold weather fashion. This sweater reminds me of some of the more unique pieces in my closet. 

Not surprisingly, the more unique an item is, the more compliments I seem to get on it. Goes to show how people adore creativity…especially in fashion!

8. The Peek-Through Knit


Pair this see-through knit with a tank top, or a cute bralette like the model above. 


What is your favorite cold weather clothing item? Do you love winter fashion, or despise it? Sound off below!

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