A Fashion Girl's Guide to Doing St. Patrick's Day in Style

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Outfit inspiration to find your perfect St. Paddy’s Day look.

March 17th is tomorrow, the long-awaited day when we dress up in green and gold while partaking in day- (or weekend)-long activities to celebrate the holiday known as St. Patrick’s Day.  

Many people dress in crazy costumes for St. Paddy’s day, decked out in green head to toe. Some dress as leprechauns while others wear crazy headbands with clovers on them. Others, however, just opt for a comfortable look that makes them feel stylish… and that’s generally how we do the holiday here at CF.

St. Patrick’s Day has many daytime activities, such as parades, festivals, or bar crawls, but is also a time for nighttime activities such as special dinners or parties. So if you need cute St. Patrick’s day outfits for these activities and more, you’ve come to the right place.

Below are two daytime and two nighttime St. Patrick’s Day outfits styled in different ways. The best part? These cute outfits are totally budget friendly!

St. Patrick’s Day Outfits for Daytime

Products: Shirt – Forever 21, Jeans – Lulu’s, Sandals – Charlotte Russe, Backpack – American Eagle, Bracelet Set – Forever 21, Sunglasses – Forever 21

This cute St. Patrick’s Day outfit is a great choice for daytime, worn to things such as a parade, festival, or out to a bar and grille to grab drinks and lunch.

The white four-leaf clover tee from Forever 21 is St. Patrick’s Day-specific, but you could substitute any green tee if you wanted instead.

The high-waisted jeans are versatile and fashion girl-approved, giving you the option to dress the outfit up if needed. Meanwhile, the gold accents of the shoes, purse, bracelets, and sunglasses add a little Irish luck to the set, placing the outfit at the crossroads between casual and chic.

Complete the outfit with hexagon-shaped sunglasses, which offer a retro feel to finish off the look.

Products: Shirt – New York & Company, Jeans – Abercrombie, Sandals – Lulu’s, Clutch Purse – Lulu’s, Sunglasses – Genuine People

This simple ombre sequin shamrock shirt is perfect for a day out look because it’s simple and cute. It’s also pretty affordable!

Paired with high-waist black skinny jeans, this look suits a St. Paddy’s day parade or festival. Just add a denim jacket if it’s chilly outside.

To dress the outfit up a bit, I added in a nude heel and gold sunglasses to complete the outfit (you could sub sneakers or ankle booties for the sandals if it’s cold where you live), following the golden theme the holiday is known for.

To add in a little more color, I topped the outfit off with a small forest green clutch, great for holding your belongings but small enough that it won’t be a burden while you enjoy your day. If you’re not a clutch type of person, swap it out for a green backpack such as this one.

St. Patrick’s Day Outfits for Night

Products: Shirt – ASOS, Pants – Charlotte Russe, Jacket – Forever 21, Heels – ASOS, Necklace – Express, Purse – Barney’s

For this look, we start with a floral print shirt, which ties into the spring theme of the holiday. The green moto jacket and gold necklace, heels, and clutch play into the holiday’s main colors. 

This outfit is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day nighttime outfit because it’s sophisticated yet playful and cool. 

The tie-waist paper-bag trousers will elongate your legs and the gold heel will add some height to the look, which is especially great for us shorter people.

This look doubles as both a cute St. Patrick’s day outfit — perfect for a bar crawl or some time out with friends — and just a regular springtime night look. This benefits both your closet and your wallet because the items can be worn multiple times, not just on the holiday itself. 

Products: Shirt – Missguided, Jeans- River Island, Heels – Forever 21, Necklace – Forever 21, Purse – ASOS

Another look that can work for multiple occasions, this St. Patrick’s Day outfit is a perfect balance between dressy and casual.

The off-the-shoulder green satin crop top is cute and totally on-trend. When paired with the funky flared jeans, the look gets a modern day hippie vibe.

To add gold accents that play into the holiday’s color palette, the metallic heels and purse are perfect choices.

Finally, to take away from the seriousness of the top half of the outfit, the gold “vibes” necklace sits at eye-level, finishing the ensemble with an additional pop of interest.


What type of outfit are you going to wear to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Leave a comment below!

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