A Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Spring Break

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Enjoy your mid-semester getaway in style with a small wardrobe for on the go.

Fact: Packing light for a getaway means more room for souvenirs. 

In the past, I chronically overpacked for trips. I would try to stuff my entire closet into a small suitcase. Then, while on my trip I would rummage through my suitcase with no idea what to wear just like back at home. Learn from my mistakes and don’t do this!

Packing a planned capsule wardrobe for trips allows you to pack lighter, know what to wear when you get there, and it saves you from forgetting important items. 

Even if you do not implement a capsule wardrobe within your home wardrobe (which I recommend you do — see my spring capsule wardrobe here), a travel capsule wardrobe can save you so much time and stress. It’s like bringing a little closet filed with the perfect curated wardrobe. 

Today, I’ve created a spring break capsule wardrobe that’s perfect for a week-long trip. (Though it might seem small, it’s actually a lot of clothes — you could definitely cut some of the items and still be fine!) Read on to check it out:

Spring Break Capsule Wardrobe Example 

Tops: White Tank – H&M, Black Tee – H&M, White Blouse – H&M, Graphic Tee – American Eagle, Denim Jacket – American Eagle

Bottoms: Floral Shorts – River Island, Blue Shorts – Nordstrom, White Shorts – Hollister, Boyfriend Jeans – H&M

Dresses: Floral – LuLus, Striped Romper – Zaful, Black Jumpsuit – Hollister

Swimwear: Black Swimsuit – Hollister, Yellow swimsuit – Nordstrom

Accessories: Flip Flop – Hollister, Sandals – American Eagle, Adidas – Kohl’s, Straw Bag – ASOS

This spring break capsule wardrobe was created with a California beach getaway in mind. I’m talking waves, swimming, shopping on the pier, and dinner on the sand during a sunset. 

As I would for any capsule wardrobe, I incorporated the basics for starters: a denim jacket, black jumpsuit, flip flops, denim shorts, and a black tee. Then I added seasonal items like yellow sandals, floral print pieces, and a chic romper. Lastly, I brought on the beach babe must-haves such as a romantic floral dress, swimsuits, tank tops, and summer shorts. 

This capsule wardrobe’s color palette is black, yellow, blue, and white. All the items pair well with each other so you have plenty of outfit options for the vacation. (If you’re having a hard time deciding on a cohesive color palette for your own capsule, look for inspiration on Pinterest or pull colors from floral fabrics.)

Now that we are all packed, let’s create some outfits with this capsule. Here are three outfit ideas: 

Outfit 1: Dinner on the Beach 

Extras: Bag – Forever 21 

Dinner on the beach while watching the sunset? Count me in! This outfit is great for an entire day on the sand and in the sun. I love this adorable little romper. It takes a simple print and makes it unique with an interesting style. I added a pop of color with the yellow sandals. (Did I mention yellow is a trending color this season?)

This is an example of how easy styling outfits can be when you have a harmonious color palette. Yellow looks great with stripes but also with blue and the floral print we chose, as you’ll see in the next outfit.

I finished off the outfit with a denim jacket, for when it cools down at night, and the straw bag (another 2018 must have). I think straw bags are the perfect accessory for the spring/summer because they scream beach-y tropical style vibes.

Outfit 2: Board-walking 

This second outfit I would wear while walking the boardwalk or a day in Santa Monica. It’s comfy for walking and cute for photo ops. Can we just take a moment to appreciate these lovely floral shorts? I love the feminine ruffle detailing and the bold color combination!

When wearing floral pieces I like to extract the colors from the print and use them in the rest of the outfit. For this look I took the white from the shorts’ flowers and brought it into the look with the frilly white crop top. I also brought in the yellow from the flowers with the sandals. The finished outfit looks as if all the pieces were meant to be paired together. 

As you can see, creating a cohesive color palette can be easy when you just draw colors from a floral piece.

Outfit 3: The Flight There

Extras: Bag – Boohoo, Headphones – H&M

This last outfit is great for when you’re in transit, while you’re traveling to or from your vacation destination. The right pair of boyfriend jeans can be just as comfortable as sweats or leggings but much more chic. I paired this cool tee with the boyfriend jeans for the ultimate chill and casual look. 

I like how the graphic tee has bold colors like yellow and red but they’re toned down to give off subtle pops of color. I added the finishing touches with my trusty Superstar Adidas, a duffel bag, and cute headphones.

What do you think?

How do you feel about a travel capsule wardrobe? Do you plan on packing one for you next trip? Are you headed anywhere fun this spring break? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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