CF's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Best Friend

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Holiday gifts for your best friend, BFF, or bestie!

Time is starting to dwindle down for the holiday season. We finally reached December, and some of you may have even experienced your first snow of the season. Yet hot chocolate, holiday jingles, and fun times with friends and family are still happening.

If you didn’t have a chance to purchase gifts before Black Friday, you’ve still got just a bit of time to shop for holiday gifts early. This week’s gift guide is for your fave, your BFF. The one you spend time with often, take awesome trips with, and can count on for anything.

You’ve probably been thinking about putting them on your holiday shopping list so we’re here to help you out! Over the past few weeks, we’ve done a gift guide for your parents, a gift guide for your grandparents, a gift guide for your coworkers and a gift guide for your significant other. Now it’s time to proceed with our ultimate guide by giving you holiday gift ideas for your best friend. Here are our fave affordable gifts for your bestie.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

These are amazing holiday gifts for your best friend, whether they are a nature lover, a glam queen, a photo enthusiast, or somewhere in between. 

1. Bike Handlebar Bag

Product: Bike Handlebar Bag – Uncommon Goods

This is essential for college students who ride their bikes to class. It would be perfect for carrying makeup, pencils and pens, cell phones, or maybe even a small notepad.

2. Anastasia Liquid Lipstick Set

Product: Anastasia Liquid Lipstick Set – Ulta

Why not gift your BFF these luxurious liquid lipsticks by Anastasia Beverly Hills? The shades include Dazed, Bittersweet, and Hudson which are perfect hues for winter.

(See more beauty gift ideas for your friends here.)

3. You & Me Bud Vase

Product: You & Me Bud Vase – Uncommon Goods

Have you seen a vase cooler than this one?! Your bestie would love this multi-colored vase topped off with some fresh flowers.

4. Why You’re My Bestie Book

Product: Why You’re My Bestie Book – Amazon

Your best friend has been with you through thick and thin. This book would be perfect to reminisce on all of the times you’ve spent together.

5. Flavor Infuser Water Bottle

Product: Flavor Infuser Water Bottle – Uncommon Goods

Health enthusiasts would love the convenience of this water bottle. This makes detox waters easier to manage and constantly fresh.

6. iHome Waterproof Speaker

Product: iHome Waterproof Speaker – Target

Sing your heart out with this waterproof bluetooth speaker! It’s equipped to work in any room in their home or anywhere in their dorm room. 

7. Compact Mirror USB Charger

Product: Compact Mirror USB Charger – Amazon

Sometimes we just need to check our makeup, and other times we just need a quick charge for our smartphones. This handy device will meet both needs with ease!

8. Best Friends Heart Mug

Product: Best Friends Heart Mug – Uncommon Goods

This mug is great for your best friend’s coffee for the morning, or night if they’re studying for exams. The map on the back of the mug shows the anatomy of your best friend’s heart in detail. 

9. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Product: Aromatherapy Diffuser – Kohl’s

A lot of people have been into the essential oils craze. If your bestie happens to be intrigued by them too, this aromatherapy diffuser is excellent for their needs!

10. Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Product: Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera – Macy’s

Although a bit pricey, instant digital cameras have been on the rise and increasingly popular. You can purchase it in their favorite color and begin to capture photos of your adventures.


What gifts do you plan to get your bestie this year? What did we miss that isn’t on the list?

Tell us about your holiday gift ideas for your best friend in the comments box below!

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