Check-in Day 1: Control My Temper Even Better

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Progress Check-in

Let’s have a quick check-in to make sure that you’re on track!

Today, we will focus on some hard skills that you can start with yourself! When your temper feels like a short fuse burning, did you

  1. take a deep breath;
  2. take a time out;
  3. keep something in your pocket to mess with?

If your answer is yes to all, awesome! You’re in great progress in controlling your emotion. (Don’t miss out tomorrow’s extra tip!)

If your answer is no to one of them, practise these today:

Create your calm down ritual.

Whenever you feel your blood is boiling, do this pre-designated ritual.

  • Excuse yourself to take a time out
  • Count to 10 in your heart and take deep breaths at the same time
  • Down a glass of water

You can think of what to do in advance before you’re losing control. Free feel to add/subtract items in your calm down ritual as long as they work well to you.

Prepare a tiny thing in your pocket today

It can be a pebble, a coin, a pen, whatever you like as long as it’s a physical object. When you start to feel irritated, move it from one pocket to the other.

Set a daily reminder to yourself, remember this tiny thing will follow you wherever you go.

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