Day 1 Check-in: Replace Unhealthy Foods with Healthy Foods

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replace unhealthy foods

Progress Check-in

Let’s have a quick check-in to make sure that you’re on track!

  • You now drink either water, lemon water or herbal tea instead of soft drinks.
  • You eat only oily fish like salmon and lean meat like turkey breasts or chicken breasts.
  • You include vegetables in your diet.
  • You eat fruits instead of unhealthy snacks like chocolate and chips.

If your answer is yes to all, awesome! You’re in great progress in replacing unhealthy foods with healthy foods. (Don’t miss out tomorrow’s extra tip!)

If your answer is no to any of them, don’t worry! Just do this today:

Prepare a bag and pack away all the unhealthy snacks & drinks

Pack all the unhealthy snacks that are available to you – from work desk, pantry to your home kitchen. After packing these, distribute them to your friends or colleagues. Of course, I’m not asking you to make your friends unhealthy, distribute the snacks among your friends who have balanced diet. They know how to handle unhealthy snacks for sure.

Ask your close friends or colleagues to help to monitor your diet

While you should follow the suggested foods list strictly, ask some of your close friends or colleagues for help. Tell them you’re trying to get healthier but you may lack motivation sometimes and get tempted not to eat the healthy foods. As your friends, for the best of you, they’ll be willing to help. You guys can even share eating the healthy foods which makes the whole thing more enjoyable!

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