Day 1 Check-in: Start Running

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start running checkin

You’ve finished the goal “Start Running” and here it comes to the next step you should do to make this habit stick before moving on to more challenging workout exercises.

Progress Check-in

Let’s have a quick check-in to make sure that you’re on track!

  • You have the most basic and simple running gear ready.
  • You have run at least once over the past week.

If your answer is yes to both, awesome! I’d strongly suggest you go running again today! (Oh and don’t miss out tomorrow’s extra tip!)

If your answer is no to one of them, do these today:

1. Put On Your Most Comfortable T-Shirt and Shoes Today

To get started, you don’t really need very fancy gear. Just put on whatever clothes that you feel comfortable with while moving around!

2. Get Out of Your Home and Just Walk Quickly (Or Even Run A Bit)

Don’t underestimate this small step! You really just need to put yourself out there before kickstarting anything challenging. I know you feel tired after a whole day of work, but getting out of your home and just quickly walk a little bit doesn’t seem to be a very demanding request, right?

Try to walk around your neighborhoods slowly for the first few minutes, than speed up your walking speed a bit. After walking for 5 minutes, try to run a little bit for a few more minutes.

And there you are, you’ve started to run – that’s a small win, and you’ll be making some progress!

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