Day 2 Check-in: Start Running

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start running checkin

Today’s check-in will be to make sure that you will keep running with a bonus tip.

Let’s have a quick check:

  • You went out to run a bit (or at least walked quickly) yesterday.

Checked? That’s a good start! Here’s an extra tip on how to make this a habit.

1. Find A Running Buddy

When you’re doing this alone, you may easily give up. But If you have a buddy to run together, you’ll be more committed to the activity as you can’t just always let your buddy down!

Not sure who to find as your running buddy? Let’s start with your family members who would like to do some exercises too, or are already keen on doing sports, You can also find a friend who loves running or doing sports. If you have a dog, take it to run with you!

2. Apply the Punishment System

So you’ve got your running buddy and you guys are committed to run regularly, how about we add some more fun to this?

If any of you fail to go out to run as promised, pay the other one a set amount of money as a kind of punishment. Quickly find a running buddy and start this scheme!

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