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I’m unhealthily excited about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement news!!! Refinery29 has Your First Look At Meghan Markle’s Engagement Ring.

And here are some other jealousy-inducing royals you should be following on Instagram.

Also, here are Meghan’s favorite beauty tips. Obsessed with her!

And you can check out Meghan’s appearances in two classic Hallmark Channel movies, if you’re so inclined.

Bucket list alert: These are the most breathtaking skylines in the world.

The Definitive Ranking of the Best “All I Want for Christmas is You” Covers. Agree/disagree?

Apparently there’s an app that can spot a fake designer bag.

How to Worry Better, from The Cut. I love this.

In important news, a vote on Net Neutrality is coming up soon and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS. Here’s an explanation of why it matters, and how to explain it to others.

And here’s how you can lobby to save Net Neutrality now!

Meet Disney’s new live-action Mulan. So exciting!

Whaaaat? This Cardigan Has A 30,000 Person Wait List (Yes, Really).

In other “whaaaat?” news, 7-Eleven is going to start selling their own line of makeup.

Well, this made our day. Apparently 3 cups of coffee a day might actually be good for you.

Oprah’s best advice for millennials is SOLID. Need to remember this.

Yikes: New report says fashion is responsible for more carbon emissions than international flights. Just another reason to embrace thrifting!

29 Printed Coats That Will Make You Want to Ditch Neutrals. Wait, now I really want one.

Also from Stylecaster, some Sephora gift ideas for the beauty-obsessed.

Advice from a 20-Something has a great holiday playlist for you.

Here’s the highly anticipated list of nominees for the 2018 Grammy awards!

The Victoria’s Secret fashion show was last week and Verily has some poignant thoughts about what it means for body image and culture in 2017.

Related: Fashionista asks when will the time finally be right for the show to cast plus size models?

Hrush Achemyan did an interview with The Coveteur and shares her 2 favorite drugstore beauty brands.

Ooh, Benefit just launched a new version of its POREfessional Primer and we can’t wait to try it.

The Habits of Highly Successful Women, in One Infographic, from Darling Mag.

A case for trying (really) hard to make friends as an adult, from Man Repeller. It’s a little harder but so worth it!

So interesting: A writer for Racked explains how she changed her style whenever she dated a new person.

Yassss: The Princess Diaries 3 officially has a script, people!

This is the most popular holiday beauty trend this year, according to Pinterest.

Find out the most popular Christmas movie the year you were born. So many classics!

13 Mind-Blowing Chrissy Teigen Food Hacks to Try Immediately. That popcorn recipe sounds BEYOND.

SO CUTE: Demi Lovato reacts to fan covers of her songs on YouTube.

These ‘unreleased’ Harry Potter book covers are so pretty!

Fascinating: How the Speed and Structure of Twitter Have Made It Harder to Think.

Yes, please: Holy Grail Organization Products to Make Your Life Easier.

Bad news for grad students: If the tax plan passes, many grad students could see a huge tax hike.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Designer Piece, from Refinery29.

This was a major bummer to me but is worth knowing: How eco-friendly is a fake Christmas tree, actually? I’ve had my fake one for 3 years so only 7 to go before it evens out…

Lifehacker explains how to get time to yourself when visiting relatives.

YES: From Racked, Stop Shaming Black Friday Shoppers. Could not agree more with this.

And finally… look at that tail!

One more: SO FLUFFY!!!

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