Hautelinks: Week of 2/23/17

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Discover the best nail shape for you, a color-changing hair dye, some Oscar buzz, trends from NYFW and much more.

Who else is excited for the Oscars this weekend? As usual, we’ll be live tweeting the arrivals on our Twitter at 6PM Eastern on Sunday – watch with us!

And speaking of the Oscars, here’s a list of every actor who won an Oscar playing a real person.

And here’s an in-depth look at the Costume Design nominees (always our fave category, obvi).

Also, La La Land engagement photos! Cuteness!

Discover your ideal nail shape with this guide from Lauren Conrad.

Breaking news: NASA found Earth-like planets under 40 lightyears away!

Here’s everything Leandra Medine wore (and wanted to wear) to NYFW.

Hollywood makeup artists share their fave products under $20 with Refinery29.

SO EXCITED about this live-action “Lion King” casting news.

Kylie Jenner is releasing highlighters and we’re obsessed already.

Scary: This post on Thought Catalog details a weird trick human traffickers may be using to abduct women. Be careful out there, ladies, this is freaky…

The Cut rounds up the best street style from LFW.

From Buzzfeed, 11 of the best places to get deals on designer brands.

<3 <3 23 Ways To Be There For A Partner Who’s Going Through It.

My fellow pale girls, get excited for Benefit’s new Hula bronzer that’s made just for us.

From poofy sleeves to pink pantsuits, Man Repeller has some NYFW trends for you to try.

Dying to try all of these Harry Potter-themed DIYs.

Speaking of HP, there’s a little nod to the series in the latest Beauty and the Beast clip.

Scheduling may be boring but it does help balance out your life.

Glamour lists the plus size models who walked at NYFW.

Domino has the most stylish home decor items to snag at H&M.

There’s only one episode out yet but we’re already obsessed with Big Little Lies. Popsugar is, too, and they have a whole post dedicated to theories.

Racked debunks the myth of “universally flattering” makeup. This is long but worth the read.

Technology + mental health awareness = very cool.

Oooh, we’re so intrigued by this color-changing hair dye!

How to Know If You’re in a Good Relationship With Yourself, via The Everygirl.

Teen Vogue has the deets on Katy Perry’s upcoming mermaid makeup line.

Lana Del Rey’s new video is too cool!

For people who like looking at pictures of abandoned places (creepy but cool), here’s Ford’s Fantasyland.

Unicorn ice cream?! Yum.

Into the Gloss has some items to stock in your kitchen for maximum health with minimal effort.

25 Parks and Rec Moments That Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself. Oh, I miss that show.

I’m not sure I believe this but I did enjoy watching this long video on a possible Uber A suspect. Ah, PLL: You always keep us guessing!

Even cat people can appreciate JK Rowling being a proud dog mom.

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