Hautelinks: Week of 6/23/16

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This week we’ve got Selena Gomez doing carpool karaoke, the Babysitters’ Club’s favorite snacks, the best tee shirts ever, and more.

LOL: Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour switch jobs for a day.

Related: Amy’s Vogue photoshoot is equally amazing.

Selena Gomez did carpool karaoke and obviously it was nothing short of perfection.

100% agree with Man Repeller; Kristen Stewart’s style has been amazing lately.

Refinery29 puts white tee shirts to the test in search of the best one.

They also did a really amazing post with tons of unique makeup tips. I feel like I learned a lot from this!

Also from Refinery, how to do your shopping on Instagram.

Love this! The best snacks, according to the Babysitters’ Club.

The release date for the “Wicked” movie has been announced! It’s kind of far away but we still can’t wait.

The Budget Babe shares some summer beauty essentials. That salt spray is my new fave!

Love the answers to one man’s request for some good news on Twitter.

Instagram beauty hacks that are borderline genius. Memorizing all of them.

So much love for these ridiculous photos of Chris Pratt.

Cool: 1000 Days of Fonts is an awesome graphic design project using Google fonts.

Do you wash your clothes immediately after purchasing them? You may want to start after you read this.

10 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Habits While Enjoying Summer, from The Everygirl. These are lovely tips.

The original voice of Nemo was replaced in Finding Dory… but there’s a good reason for it.

Speaking of Disney, here are 100 Disney Channel Original Movies in 100 seconds! <3

This does not sound comfortable: Ladies with big boobs tried wearing bralettes for a week.

Planning a trip to Europe? Here’s what not to miss in 9 different cities.

Speaking of which, here’s how to get awesome photos as a solo traveler.

I enjoyed this piece on what it was like to work at Gawker in its earlier days. Internet nostalgia!

I also found Kim Kardashian’s GQ interview fascinating, even if she did throw some shade at our girl T.Swift.

10 ways to pay it forward this summer, via The Glitter Guide.

Lauren Conrad’s website has some tips for throwing together a casual 4th of July bash.

Also from LC, the prettiest sushi rolls ever.

Designer Emily Henderson shares her top design tips that anyone can use to make their place look amaze.

WhoWhatWear shows you how to squash the styling mistakes you might not realize you’re making.

Also from WhoWhatWear, How to Finally Get the Style You’re Meant to Have. Love this!

The Cut shares 9 cult beauty products you can buy on Amazon.

Interesting: Disney princesses influence little boys in a way we *totally* didn’t expect.

Are you wearing the wrong bra? 5 signs you might be.

Good to know: How to properly care for designer items.

12 Inspiring Quotes About Paris. Sigh!

I enjoyed Damsel in Dior’s 30 days of “real” outfits. Refreshing change from your typical fashion blogger fare.

Thinking of starting your own biz? Here are the friendliest cities for female entrepreneurs.

9 Habits That Will Make You Smarter, from Camille Styles. Love the idea of swapping TV for online learning.

And finally… fetch! Wish my cat would go for this.

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