Hautelinks: Week of 6/30/16

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See a new Harry Potter story and sorting quiz, the best beach towns to road-trip to, the most popular fashion stores in your state, and more.

Big news for Harry Potter fans: J.K. Rowling released a new story about Ilvermorny, the North American wizarding school!

Also, you can be sorted into your Ilvermorny house. Pukwudgie represent!

Planning a summer getaway? Travel + Leisure lists some of the best little beach towns in the USA.

13 Books to Inspire Your Next Road Trip with Your Girlfriends, from ELLE. Love this idea.

Also from ELLE, a great interview with a group of female comedians.

Interesting: The top fashion stores by state.

9 answers for your biggest phone-related issues, via Refinery29.

Man Repeller discusses being an introvert vs. staying in your comfort zone and how identifying as an introvert can be used as an excuse.

Obsessed with Willow Smith’s first Chanel campaign

Cool Material lists the best hidden gems on Netflix, available to stream right now.

Maybelline Baby Lips has an awesome new shade we’re dying to try.

Here’s a nice, simple summary of why the Brexit happened/what’s going to happen now. I feel like I have a better understanding of it now.

The NYT shares memories of the late Bill Cunningham. Such a legend.

In celebrity gossip news, T. Swift has already met Tom Hiddleston’s parents.

WhoWhatWear shares the best stuff at H&M right now.

Also from WhoWhatWear, the most flattering sunglass shape for everyone.

Ooh: People magazine’s shopping site now has a whole Pretty Little Liars section, with curated items for each of the liars.

CUTE: How to Find Your Perfect Perfume Based on Your Middle School Scent

Loved this article about how the character of Dory was conceived. I’m going to see Finding Dory this weekend and I can’t wait!

This recipe for Palm Tree Beach Donuts from Lauren Conrad will make for the cutest summertime treat ever.

Why You Could Be Better Off Alone, from Darling Magazine. Adore this! We have to stop being scared of doing things by ourselves.

This Glamour writer rocks Game of Thrones fashion IRL.

Jumpsuits are bae.

The Everygirl has a cover letter template and some tips to make yours stand out.

Ooh, these large scale, affordable posters are the perfect way to spruce up your room.

The State of the Domestic Goddess, via Eater, discusses the cookbook queens of 2016, Chrissy Teigen and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Ooh, interesting: A case study into whether or not an uncredited woman invented the breakfast cereal.

Adult Like a Boss has a healthcare/insurance crash course for recent grads and upcoming seniors.

Speaking of insurance, dental work is really expensive. Might as well be aware of what could damage your teeth during summer activities

5 Essential Tips for a Less Stressful Move. Never too early to plan ahead for fall!

Avocado is great with everything, so we’re intrigued by this avo margarita recipe. (21-plus, obvi.)

From PopSugar, These 28 Travel Beauty Items Are the Only Ones You Need to Pack.

These highly recommended podcasts are perfect for long road trips.

13 Ways to Make Extra Money This Summer, perfect for those with lots of free time.

I loved The Beauty Department’s flat iron waves tutorial. Going to master this someday!

Also from The Beauty Department, How to Hide a Bobby Pin for a flawless look.

Unfancy has a free printable wardrobe planner that will help you stay organized. Love this!

For those who love to blast music when cooking (hi!), here are the happiest songs to play in the kitchen.

And finally, meow! <3

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