Hautelinks: Week of 7/27/17

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See deets on Mac’s Basic Bitch palette, GoT details you might have missed, the new Colourpop products you NEED, and more.

Fashionista shows you how to build a minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Also from Fashionista, the items you need to dress like a pro Instagram influencer this season.

Exciting: MAC is giving away free lipstick this weekend! Here’s how to get it.

These must-know tips will make your pedicure last longer.

Get hyped for Riverdale Season 2!

Well, now I’ve seen everything: 2Chainz is now selling flower crowns.

Nike’s millennial pink collection looks amazing tbh.

News alert: Michael Kors is buying Jimmy Choo in a monster deal.

A good point from Man Repeller — when celebs are boring all summer, the results = all the crazy rumors we’ve been seeing.

Allure breaks down the best Game of Thrones hairstyles (major inspo!).

See also: 18 Tiny Game of Thrones Details You Might Have Missed. It’s truly incredible how much detail goes into the show.

Pick 5 Snacks and We’ll Tell You What ’00s Disney Channel Movie to Watch. Decisions!

Ooh, Colourpop has some new products coming out and we can’t wait.

The Budget Babe has some amazing inexpensive dupes for popular Steve Madden styles.

How to Stop Your Ripped Jeans from Ripping Even More, via SheFinds. Wish I had seen this last week – RIP, favorites. 🙁

Why Capsule Wardrobes Are Hard, from Man Repeller.

NYC readers, get excited: Rent the Runway is launching same-day delivery in the city.

EEE! Harry Potter macarons.

In other HP news, Harry Potter bath bombs are coming to Lush in the United States this fall.

Oh, to be able to pack for vacation like Tory Burch

USA Today takes a deep dive into the “witchy fashion” trend.

How to Look Great for Work Every Day, from Corporette.

So inspiring: From Buzzfeed, I Completed My Bucket List in a Week.

Buzzfeed also has a bunch of super cute summer dresses.

The best cosplays at SDCC 2017 are featured by EW. Which is your fave?

Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason are teaming up for a new plus size fashion line! Can’t wait to see more.

This look is proof that Rihanna looks good in EVERYTHING.

SO TRUE: Why does every lifestyle startup look the same?, via Racked.

5 Quick Ways to Get Out of a Funk, from Camille Styles.

Yesss: Lisa Frank PJs are here and we’re all about them.

15 Famous Women on Not Settling for Less, from The Cut.

Definitely not to be taken seriously but made me laugh because I’m a virgo -eek… Girlfriends ranked best to worst based on zodiac signs.

Torrid is going to be the first plus size brand to show at NYFW. So cool!

Vera Bradley released bedding and we are into it!

Whaaaat? You don’t get to keep the furniture when you go on Fixer Upper. I don’t know why this upsets me so much.

ELLE did an awesome interview with our GoT fave Emilia Clarke!

PureWow has some fun nail trends to try before summer ends.

MAC’s “Basic Bitch” palette is here and I’m embarrassed that I want it.

I feel like the palette would pair well with this new Mean Girls-inspired makeup brush collection.

Song of Style did a closet organization guide and it’s perfection.

The future is an app that can list ingredients just from snapping a photo of your food – woah!

19 times “Dexter’s Laboratory” was too real for science majors.

On the later side of your 20’s? Here’s how you should be changing your skincare regimen as you approach 30.

Kinda sad that Michael Phelps did not, in fact, race a shark, in the literal sense.

5 Life Lessons I Learned from HGTV’s “Good Bones”.

THIS: “No matter what you do for a living, the only thing you’ll get more and more and more of is hard work. So figure out what kind of hard work feels satisfying to you.” 

Thank the lord: Public outcry stops MS Paint from being killed.

This teen crafted makeup looks inspired by your fave shows. So much win!

LOL: This tall girl checklist will reveal how tall you really are.

And finally… nobody can stop this dog from doing his job.

One more: The video we don’t need, but kinda do.

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