Hautelinks: Week of 8/10/17

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This week’s roundup has tips for staying in the moment, items every first apartment needs, the new lip balm we’re dying to try, and more!

The Met Gala Theme Is Here — and it’s controversial.

Love Lauren Conrad’s tips for staying in the moment. <3

Ooh, loving the Converse x Tyler, The Creator collaboration.

These art and design gifs are sure to make you smile.

Jennifer Lawrence is super creepy in the new trailer for “Mother”.

That time Jessica Williams and J.K. Rowling celebrated their birthday together, a.k.a. the best thing to ever happen.

What 2017 Has Taught Me About Life So Far, from Zanita.

Yes, please: These 10 Closet Organizers Will Organize Your Whole Life.

Lush launched a bath bomb subscription service and now our lives are complete!

Which Babysitters Club member are you? I got Claudia so naturally I love this quiz.

19 Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Place Spick and Span.

Whaaaat? This is seriously crazy: How to scam your way to being an Instagram influencer.

10 Highly Anticipated Books Coming Out This Fall.

Flare shares some under-the-radar fashion brands that you’ll start seeing everywhere soon.

The 20 Documentaries You Need to Watch on Netflix, from Harper’s Bazaar.

So interesting: What music artists are most popular in your area? These fandom maps will tell you.

Jessica Chastain thinks it’s a pretty great time to be a woman. I really liked this.

Ooh, dying to try Eos’ new crystal lip balm.

Popsugar has the best new beauty launches coming this fall.

The Budget Babe shows you how to get Bella Hadid’s latest outfit for less.

Which fall 2017 trend should you try based on your zodiac sign? Fun!

Wow: The Draw This Again Challenge is amazing and really shows that you can improve any skill if you practice.

The Surprising Time You Shouldn’t Trust Your Instincts, from Cupcakes + Cashmere.

Totally here for a Liam Payne x Zayn collab.

This is by far the most amazing latte art we’ve seen.

Disney just released rose gold Minnie ears and they’re perfection.

Good question: What happens if you break a piece of artwork?

Khloe Kardashian has a new (temporary) look and we love it.

Daily Dream Decor shows you how to make a small living space feel bigger.

Obsessed doesn’t cover our feelings on this Harry Potter collection.

Fast Company lists the best mainstream beauty brands for women of color.

Enjoy Disney on Netflix while you can, guys…. 🙁

Cosmo has a first look at the trailer for the live action Winnie the Pooh movie. Aww!

“Space is the new black.” Amen!

6 Real Ways Makeup and Skincare Can Help Your Mental Health, from Domino.

Had never thought about this: Fat women don’t get to be androgynous, from Refinery 29.

Love these minimalist ideas for accenting your space.

Colourpop is coming to Sephora and we are so psyched.

Well, this makes me feel better, haha: The French love nonsense tee shirts as much as we do.

Totally making this everything guacamole!

20 Things You Need for Your First Apartment, from Glitter Guide.

Yikes, we’re guilty: Are you a shopaholic? Take the quiz.

American Apparel is officially back in business, reports Racked.

The history of the sports bra is surprisingly feminist. You learn something new every day.

Move over, mermaid tail blankets – it’s all about princess dress blankets now.

Bet you didn’t know these facts about Princess Diana.

Teen Vogue shares what you need to know about the HPV vaccine.

What Disney movie was popular the year you were born? Important.

Ugh, love is dead because Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are breaking up.

But to make you feel better…BABY FLAMINGOS!

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